Empowering Nonprofits: Integrating Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) into Management

We wrapped up our third EDI Roundtables for Nonprofit Executives series. Participants share their key takeaways and honest feedback as they continue their EDI journeys.


Answers to Common Questions About Nonprofits and the 2024 Primary Election

Wondering what types of election-related activities your nonprofit can and can’t do between now and this fall's elections? We've been fielding many questions about what’s legal and what’s advisable and offer this quick take on some of the most common questions we’re hearing.


Empowering Voters Is Nonprofit Mission Work

There no more fitting way to lift up our nonprofits’ missions than to empower our communities during the elections process. As the clock counts down to the November 8 elections, get clear on what nonprofits can and can’t do during elections and get to work educating and engaging your staff, volunteers, and people you serve.


10 Ways to Enhance Your Nonprofit Communications Plan in the New Year

A new year brings plenty of opportunity for nonprofits to look at goal setting for the next 12 months. No matter the focus, external communications will play a role in how your organization will achieve those goals. Here are 10 tips from a media and PR expert for nonprofits that want to enhance their communications strategy in 2024.


Reflecting to Looking Forward

With 2024 upon us, we look forward to many new and exciting opportunities. However, it’s helpful to take time at the beginning of each new year to reflect on the last year’s challenges and achievements and recommit to educating, connecting, and advocating for NC nonprofits through our work together across the state.


Answers to Nonprofits' Questions about Workplace Training Law

A new state law taking effect December 1 could affect some training programs offered by NC nonprofits by prohibiting any “state employee training program” from promoting 13 specific concepts, mostly related to race and gender. Our analysis suggests most nonprofits that offer training programs on topics of equity, diversity, and inclusion should be able to continue these programs but may need to consider additional safeguards and modifications to ensure that they are complying with the new law.


What Happens if There is No State Budget?

Nearly three months into the state’s fiscal year, leaders of the NC Senate and NC House of Representatives remain at an impasse on negotiations on the state budget. The following chart highlights what would happen if legislators don’t pass a state budget this year and what the implications would be for nonprofits.


Answers to Common Questions About Nonprofits and the 2023 Election

Wondering what types of election-related activities your nonprofit can and can’t do between now and this fall's elections? You’re not alone; the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits has been fielding many questions about what’s legal and what’s advisable. Here’s a quick take on some of the most common questions we’re hearing.


Building Equity and Anti-Racist Change Agents: A Remarkable Journey Towards Transformation

We recently concluded an inspiring executive leadership training series designed to empower local nonprofits in creating equitable, diverse, and inclusive spaces where every voice is heard, valued, and respected. These are key takeaways, lessons, and highlights from this enriching experience.


NC Nonprofits and Workforce Shortages

New data from the National Council of Nonprofit's ongoing research on the nonprofit workforce shortage shows the issue persists. Four out of five North Carolina nonprofits that responded to a 2023 survey report continuing job vacancies, the challenges behind the vacancies, and potential solutions for organizations and the sector.


Advantages of Microsoft for Nonprofits

The Center's technolog director shares our experience in migrating to and using cloud-based IT products specifically designed for nonprofits from Microsoft.


Sharing My Nonprofit Journey

Serving as the chief executive of the Center for these past seven years has, in many ways, been the culmination of Jeanne Tedrow's work in the nonprofit sector over a span of almost 50 years. She shares her reflections on the experiences and choices that shaped her nonprofit journey.


Thank You and Well Wishes!

Center President & CEO Jeanne Tedrow announces her retirement and shares her thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to serve nonprofits across the state with the Center since 2017.


Gratitude for Our Retiring CEO

The Center's Board Chair Deviré Robinson shares gratitude on behalf of the Center's Board of Directors for President & CEO Jeanne Tedrow as she announces her retirement.


Successful Executive Transitions

Planning for executive transitions is a critical component of strategic planning for all organizations and is key to sustainability. We explore ways nonprofits can acknowledge, prepare for, and approach executive tranistions successfully.


Pandemic Relief Is Ending - What Does It Mean to Nonprofits

May 11, 2023 is the day the COVID-19 pandemic public health emergency will officially end. And with it, many of the special federal programs that benefited – often supported – people and families throughout our communities over the last three years. Tim Delaney from National Council of Nonprofits shares what nonprofits can expect and steps to prepare for increased pressures with the end of the relief programs but not human needs.


Volunteers Build Stronger, More United Communities

Even though formal volunteering declined from 2020 to 2021, new research underscores the value of giving time to help others in our communities across our states and nation. Volunteers are essential to our nation’s economic and social well-being.


Business Continuity: Creating a Plan of Action During a Crisis

When it comes to operating your nonprofit, expecting the unexpected is the best way to secure your organization for success down the line. Medicus IT shares why it's important to have a business continuity plan and what it should include so your organization can thrive even during an unpredictable event.


Conversations Toward Equity

In March, we celebrate women all over the world and especially our women colleagues in the nonprofit sector. But in spite of the well-deserved accolades, our reality is that gender inequities continue to exist, and gender inequities intersect with race, class, sex, and abilities. Women’s History Month is an opportunity to amplify the role of diverse women in our nonprofit sector, start brave and bold conversations about equity, and strengthen inclusion in our organizations.


We Will 'Walk the Talk'

Our EDI work has begun and encompasses listening, learning, having conversations, sharing responsibility, adapting tools, and walking the talk. Our journey towards equity and inclusion continues and will create ripple effects throughout our sector, communities and, hopefully, beyond.


Do I Really Need to Congratulate That Politician?: Building Working Relationships with Lawmakers Who Make You Cringe

If we’re bold enough to try to build collegial working relationships with decision makers who otherwise make us cringe, we put ourselves in a position to influence public policy when it really matters.


Check In on Staff Morale to Cultivate a Strong Team

Even before the pandemic magnified the challenges of workplace environment and culture, the Center began really asking and listening to our staff about their weekly highs and lows – both in and outside of our job roles. Here's how our weekly morale survey and the workplace culture we're striving for has evolved.


Checklist for Building Better Volunteer Programs

This checklist of simple practices can help your nonprofit improve your volunteer engagement practices and provide fantastic volunteer experiences that build a sense of community and work towards the mutual goals of your volunteers and your organization.


Together Again!

This year's conference was a celebration of nonprofits across NC as we finally gathered again, face to face. It was also another step along the journey of building on inclusion to achieve equity, offering practical tools and partnerships we can use to build and live into equity-centered organizations and communities.


Nonprofits Can (and Should) Consider Giving Staff Paid Time Off to Vote

As Early Voting is underway in North Carolina, Center Board Chair Devire Robinson highlights the importance of paid time off to vote for staff members at every nonprofit.


Know Better. Do Better.

What does it mean to center racial equity? Where do we go from here? To achieve our renewed vision, we must engage nonprofits across the sector to become intentional in their own commitment to build holistic, healthy, and equitable organizations.


Answers to Common Questions About Nonprofits and the 2022 Election

Wondering what types of election-related activities your nonprofit can and can’t do between now and the May 17 primary election? You’re not alone! We've been fielding many questions about what’s legal and what’s advisable. Here’s a quick take on some of the most common questions we’re hearing.


Public Service Loan Forgiveness & Temporary Waiver

The Public Service Loan Forgivenss program and temporary waiver provide student debt relief to an even greater number of borrowers who work in public service. Here's the what, why, and how to qualify for the waiver by the October 31, 2022 deadline.


Don't Wait: Vote Early!

If there’s anything we’ve learned from living through a global pandemic, it’s that the best Plan A is one that leaves you options if you need a Plan B. Make your plan to vote and vote early!


5 Simple Ways to Help Your Clients Overcome Obstacles to Voting

Nonprofits help people overcome obstacles every day; helping clients overcome the obstacles that most frequently prevent people from voting is a natural extension of that. Here are five simple ways your organization can help your clients overcome common obstacles to voting.


A Vision for Our Future

Creating a vision statement for our organization guides us into the future. It helps us reflect on where we have been as we consider the path forward. The Center's commitment to and journey towards equity, diversity, and inclusion continues as we redefine our vision and refresh our work, direction, and plan to realize it.


We the People...?

As mission driven organizations seeking to improve the quality of life in our communities, nonprofits often face challenges in how we approach programs and services that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. It’s not only an organizational journey, it’s also a personal journey. Taking the moment to be vulnerable, Center President Jeanne Tedrow shares her experience and reflections from part of her own journey – as part of a cohort of nonprofit leaders unpacking being White.


Data Science x Public Policy

Data is important within the realm of public policy and advocacy. It provides a foundation of evidence upon which decisions can be made. More specifically, data allows policymakers to see the full story and make evidence-based decisions.


2021-22 State Legislative Summary

With the main part of the 2021-22 legislative session completed, the check out this summary of legislation that affected the work of charitable nonprofits.


How Strategic Planning Affects the Success of Your Nonprofit

A strategic plan not only clarifies and provides guidance towards your nonprofit's mission and goals, it also helps your organization strengthen its identity and adapt to unpredictability. It can be your key to success.


Data Protection: 7 Proactive Ways to Protect Your Organization

Implementing and consistently monitoring an airtight cybersecurity plan is no easy task, and disasters don’t discriminate. Center partner MDcentric Technologies shares seven strategies to prevent a security breach in your organization.


Silver Linings

The nonprofit sector certainly felt the ripple effects of a global pandemic that tested even the most rigorous disaster response and recovery plans. Despite the challenges, organizations have found ways to adapt, even thrive. Here are the most salient lessons learned and even a few silver linings.


The SAVE Act

The SAVE Act – parts of which are included in an NC Senate healthcare bill with bipartisan support – has the potential to combat workforce shortages and provide economic benefits to communities (especially rural) and nonprofits.


Make a Plan to Vote

We all have busy lives. Even if we’re aware of the 2022 primary election and have researched the candidates on our ballot, it’s easy to forget to actually vote! Use these tips (and printable planner) to make a voting plan.


Lasting Lessons from Volunteering

Center President and CEO Jeanne Tedrow shares how profoundly her early volunteer experiences, especially with her brother with special needs, carried through her life and career.


Better Together

Over the last few years, it feels like we move from one crisis to the next. In crisis, however, there is opportunity for change, and nonprofits at home and abroad continue to meet the moment. Center President & CEO Jeanne Tedrow reminds us that we are better together, that we need one another, and that our organizations serve best when they are inclusive.


Member Spotlight: Kinsley, Me and Company

Kinsley, Me and Company supports families throughout the Piedmont-Triad with access to community resources, provides baby items to women and children 0-5 years of age through our annual community baby showers, and assists families in finding quality childcare programs. See their positive impact!


Celebrating Community Leaders: Ivan Canada

Ivan Canada grew up being involved in social change and community building work, leading into a career focused on building strong, inclusive communities. During Black History Month, we celebrate Ivan and the nonprofit leaders of color all across NC for their leadership and contributions to our communities.


Celebrating Community Leaders: Andrea Harris

Andrea Harris was a life-long advocate and activist for economic justice. During Black History Month, we celebrate Andrea and the nonprofit leaders of color all across NC for their leadership and contributions to our communities.


Celebrating Community Leaders: David Reese

David Reese is passionate about creating opportunities for low-wealth families and developing ecosystems in which families, children, and youth can thrive. He believes that complex issues such as poverty, health, social mobility, and food security require holistic, collective, and community-based solutions. During Black History Month, we celebrate David and the nonprofit leaders of color all across NC for their leadership and contributions to our communities.


Celebrating Community Leaders: Abdul Sm Rasheed

Abdul Sm Rasheed dedicated his life’s work to community development and partnerships that supported stronger communities, families, jobs, and services, especially in low-income areas. During Black History Month, we celebrate Abdul and the nonprofit leaders of color all across NC for their leadership and contributions to our communities.


Member Spotlight: Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center

The Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center (RCVRC) provides programs nationally to ensure that local election administrators have effective resources, fairly counted votes, and trustworthy results. See their positive impact!


EDI Is Its Own Story

Our stories hold us accountable for the work we do and enable us to reflect on what we are doing. So, what are the stories we tell ourselves and others about our organizations when we want to communicate our organization’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion?


Helpful Tips and Instructions for the 2022 Nonprofit Compensation Survey

The 2022 Nonprofit Compensation Survey will help shed light on current compensation trends within the sector and provide information to help nonprofits recruit fresh, diverse nonprofit leaders. Here are helpful tips and instructions on how to get started and complete the survey.


5 Tips & Tricks for Gathering Meaningful Data to Drive Improvement

Evaluation is arguably one of the most important ways to drive improvement. But while it is the crux of driving improvement, it is not always easy to get it right. Here are tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your evaluations.


Expired Tax Provisions Create Uncertainty for Nonprofits’ 2022 Finances

As we enter the start of tax season, nonprofit leaders are concerned that their organizations’ finances may be challenged this year by the recent expiration of several temporary tax provisions, including the expanded child tax credit, the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and three tax incentives for charitable giving.


You Speak, We Listen: What We Learned from Our Annual Survey

We carefully reviewed the findings from our annual survey this past fall to help us improve our current capacity-building programs and services, as well as to prepare for future offerings. Here's what we heard.


Nonprofit Hospital Report Could Have Troubling Ramifications for Nonprofit Tax Exemption

While a new report on charity care at nonprofit hospitals outlines troubling findings about medical bills for low-income North Carolinians, the Center is concerned the report misrepresents the community benefits provided by nonprofit hospitals and the challenges facing charitable nonprofits across North Carolina after nearly two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Member Spotlight: Transitions LifeCare

Transitions LifeCare has been caring for individuals and families with compassion, support, and expertise as they navigate the end of life or life-changing illness in Chatham, Durham, Franklin, Granville, Harnett, Johnston, Orange, and Wake counties since 1979. See their positive impact!


Successful Executive Transitions: EDI and the Executive Search

The benefits of hiring and supporting a diverse team are well known. So, what does it mean and how does your organization embed equity, diversity, and inclusion into your executive search process?


Our EDI Journey Continues

The Center has taken small steps, individually with our staff and board members and as an organization as we’ve shared learning, language, and feelings around diversity, equity and inclusion. While our path is not linear or smooth, we're committed to the journey and there is much more to do.


COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements - Considerations for Nonprofits

With the state's COVID-19 vaccination rates stagnating and positive cases surging due to the Delta variant, many local nonprofits are asking whether they can or should require COVID-19 vaccinations for their staff. To help nonprofits assess whether they should require their employees to be vaccinated - and how they should implement COVID-19 vaccination mandates - the Center is providing answers to some common questions we have been hearing from nonprofit organizations.


Successful Executive Transitions: From the Desk of an Interim President/CEO

An seasoned interim president/CEO shares insights and lessons learned from stepping into that role at an organization during an unexpected transitions and with no succession plan.


Member Spotlight: NC Coalition on Aging

The NC Coalition on Aging was founded in 2018 with the mission to improve the quality of life for older adults through collective advocacy, education, and public policy work. See them in action!


Successful Executive Transitions: Succession Planning in a Time of Uncertainty

The last two years have increased stress on workers all across the sector, especially our nonprofit leaders. It’s unsurprising that nonprofit boards are seeing resignations from these burnt out executives in increasing waves, and having to assess and address the challenges of both recognizing burnout and handling executive transitions in uncertain times. This article continues the series exploring the complexities and approaches to successful exectuive transitions and succession planning.


Behind the Scenes on Nonprofit Internships

While we’ve read all the how-to’s on designing a successful internship, do we know just how well these recommendations stack up to an intern’s real-life experience? We asked our own Center interns.


New Options for Electronic Voting for Boards and Remote Membership Meetings

A new NC bill makes it easier for nonprofits with members to conduct meetings remotely and for nonprofit board members to use email to take action by unanimous written consent.


Member Spotlight: YNPN Triangle NC

Founded in 2015, YNPN Triangle NC's mission is to cultivate and support young nonprofit professionals in the Triangle by fostering networking, skill-building, and resource-sharing. See their positive impact!


Call with Confidence: Ten Tips for Talking with Policy Makers

Despite nerves, when there’s a public policy issue on which I want to be heard, I call my elected officials. I’ve seen firsthand what a difference phone calls from constituents can make – the importance of our perspectives and the power of our voices in the policy making process. These ten tips can help you use your voice effectively when calling your elected officials.


Global Study Finds Fraud Impacts Nonprofits - What Can Your Organization Do?

Nonprofits are mission-driven organizations but are not immune to bad apples, i.e., financial fraud. CLA shares steps your nonprofit can take with your employees and procedures to be proactive and protect the organization from fraud.


State Unemployment: A Look Back as a Way to Look Forward

The enhanced unemployment benefits during the pandemic have helped many people, but they have also disrupted the predictability nonprofit employers expect from state unemployment systems. A look back at the history of unemployment insurance offers insights into ways nonprofits can prepare for UI changes and cost increases when extended unemployment benefits expire this fall.


Successful Executive Transitions: The Short-Term Plan

There are many tasks and responsibilities of the CEO that must continue to keep the organization solvent, stable, and mission-focused. So while long-term succession planning is key, it’s equally as important for the board and staff leadership team to ensure your planning accounts for an emergency or unexpected transition, i.e. the short-term transition plan. This article continues the series exploring the complexities and approaches to successful exectuive transitions and succession planning.


Progress Over Perfection

Along their diversity and inclusion journeys, allies often make well-intentioned mistakes. Accepting others' mistakes and seeing them as opportunities for education and improvement allows allies to show up and work towards real change.


Successful Executive Transitions: Relationships with the Board

Executive directors/CEOs need to be able to turn to their boards of directors, especially their board chairs, to make short- and long-term succession plans to sustain the future of their organizations. This article continues the series exploring the complexities and approaches to successful exectuive transitions and succession planning.


A Halftime Report on NC Nonprofit Legislation in 2021

At the unofficial midway point of the legislative session, our "halftime report" provides status updates on the legislation affecting NC nonprofits, including seven nonprofit sector bills recommended by the Center and several other bills that could affect the work of many charitable nonprofits.


Successful Executive Transitions: A Series on Embracing the Inevitable

Executive transitions: they are inevitable. It’s important for every organization to embrace that concept. More importantly, every organization must intentionally and thoughtfully plan for it. This is the first article in a new series exploring the complexities and approaches to successful executive transitions and succession planning.


Appreciating Nonprofit Capacity Building Partner, Natasha Davis

It’s bittersweet to see the leader of one our nonprofit capacity buildling partners set off on a new adventure. We appreciate Natasha Davis for her sound leadership and commitment to nonprofits at QENO and look forward to our paths crossing again as we all help build stronger NC nonprofits.


Celebrating Women's History and Empowerment

This Women's History Month, we recognize and celebrate the work and accomplishments of women – on the front lines and in our own organizations – who ensure our families, nonprofits, and communities are strong and supported.


American Rescue Plan Provides Relief to Nonprofits

Because of widespread and persistent advocacy from so many nonprofits, the American Rescue Plan includes important funding and tax provisions that provide relief to nonprofits and the communities we serve.


Celebrating Black History in the Midst of a Public Health Crisis

As we celebrate Black History Month, nonprofits continue to be on the front lines of the pandemic, and we acknowledge that COVID-19 has disproportionately affected communities of color. However, nonprofits can help fight COVID-19, bring communities together, and recognize historic contributions of African Americans.


Writing Effective Notes to Your Elected Officials

As one of the best positioned members of your community to speak to the needs of the people your nonprofit serves, don't feel intimidated to write to your legislators. A few questions can help you think strategically, communicate effectively, and build relationships with your elected officials.


Let Us Be the Light

As if last year wasn't tumultuous enough, 2021 truly began with a jolt. Mass illness and death, blatant racial injustice, coups – events most of us couldn't envision happening have, in fact, occurred. Where do we go from here; chaos or community? Let us choose community and be the light.


What Will Your Story Be?

Undoubtedly, we will remember this as the year of COVID-19. But in the midst of it, we learned new ways to care for one another, new ways to refocus on social justice, new ways to adapt and achieve our missions. When you look back on 2020, what will your story be?


Equity in Transformation

The Center’s EDI Roundtables for Nonprofit Executives culminated with sixty-four nonprofit leaders committing to transform equity in their organizations and the sector. They didn't just recognize equitable practices but laid groundwork to infuse equity into every aspect of their nonprofits’ management and culture.


Moving Nonprofit Leaders Forward

Sixty-five nonprofit leaders graduated from the Center's inaugural Nonprofit Management Institute! Ivan Canada shares his commencement remarks and the graduates share how they connected, what they learned, and how it’s inspired both their professional and personal development.


Looking Ahead: Nonprofit Fundraising and Development

Among other suitable-for-all-audiences words and phrases, this year could be described as one we’ll never forget. So instead of looking back, AFP Triangle President Alyson Stoffer shares what she sees ahead for nonprofit fundraisers and development staff.


What Does the 2020 Election Mean for Nonprofits?

The results of the 2020 election are dominating news coverage and social media. Here's an initial analysis (that we'll continue to update) of the implications for North Carolina nonprofits.


There's Always Common Ground

This election, like many before it, has had its challenges and stressors. As we anticipate the results, let's stay true to our values and missions and continue to be unifiers and community supporters.


What’s Your Plan? Seven Steps to Get Unstuck and Promote the Nonprofit Vote

Did you know: elections are decided by voters who believe in your nonprofit’s mission and share your organization’s core values - your staff, board, clients and volunteers? Nonprofits can follow these seven steps to help 'promote the vote' and, in essence, advance all of our missions.


Reaffirming the Arts Amid COVID-19

As the month of October brings about celebrations for the arts and humanities, arts organizations continue to struggle with the pandemic’s operating challenges and closures. It’s vital to reaffirm not only the jobs and revenue they infuse into our communities, but the culture and creativity and joy.


How the Arts Will Re-Emerge

While arts nonprofits face dire challenges of survival, upheaval, and renewal, almost all continue to provide programming and services to the communities they are mission bound to serve.


Member Spotlight: StrongHER Together

StrongHER TogetHER is a local organization helping girls rise above stereotypes that alienate them from one another and instead, grow up to be women who understand the power of their collective strength in the fight for equity. See their positive community impact!


COVID-19 Has Created Major Challenges for North Carolina Nonprofits

The Center offers key takeaways from a detailed report on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the operations and the communities of charitable nonprofits across North Carolina. The report is based on responses to a summer 2020 survey conducted by the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits and the NC Office of Strategic Partnerships.


Nonprofits Call on Congress to Take Action Now to Help North Carolina Communities

Nonprofit leaders from across North Carolina held a press conference calling on North Carolina's congressional delegation to move swiftly to pass another robust COVID-19 relief package of aid to state and local governments; direct supports for people; and relief for nonprofits working on the frontlines to serve North Carolina communities. Speakers included Dorcas Ministries, the North Carolina Alliance of YMCAs, Shaw University, United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County, and The Free Clinics.


How to Prepare for a Virtual Audit

Many forward-thinking auditors have been working virtually for years. However, the time has finally arrived when all auditors can execute the planning, field work, and audited financial statements presentation virtually.


Member Spotlight: Urban Ministrieis of Wake County

Urban Ministries of Wake County engages our community to serve and advocate on behalf of those affected by poverty by providing food and nutrition, promoting health and wellness, and by laying the foundations of home. See them in action!


Planning for the Lost Horizon

How do nonprofits plan, prepare, and organize for the ‘lost horizon’ that is 2021 and the post-virus world? Don’t embark on a new strategic plan – design a short-term business plan.


How Your Nonprofit's Accounting Operations Can Weather the Storm

How nonprofits carry out and manage financial and accounting functions have also been altered by our new ways of operating, working remotely, fundraising, and holding events. CPAs that work with nonprofits share observations and advice on how to adapt. 


Encouraging Self-Care in the Age of COVID-19

Uncertainty and trauma have taken a huge toll on us as individuals, organizations, and communities during the COVID-19 crisis.The challenge before us as leaders in the nonprofit sector is to create space for our employees and volunteers to care for themselves.


Improve Your Overall Cybersecurity

Because cybercrime costs organizations financially, emotionally, and in credibility, cybersecurity is – and should be – a top priority. Assess your risk, build a security framework, and educate your team to ensure that data across the organization, and for your clients, is secure and protected.


Member Spotlight: Gabi's Grounds Coffee Shop

Gabi’s Grounds Coffee Shop (Center Member since 2018) empowers the special abilities community to find their place in the world enjoy fulfillment in everything they do. See them in action.


Transforming Our Sector by Dismantling Systemic Barriers

Statements condemning structural racism are not enough. As nonprofit leaders, we can walk the talk by redoubling our organizational efforts to dismantle structural racism in our own organizations.


Building Assets

Are we building assets with our programs and services? How we view the communities we serve and those who will receive our services influences our program design and subsequent management and evaluation of those services.


Member Spotlight: myFutureNC

myFutureNC (Center Member since 2020) is helping to prepare North Carolina for the future by empowering individuals, strengthening communities, and ensuring economic viability in a global economy. Learn about their goal and bold vision for the education of North Carolinians and see them in action.


Silent No More

With heavy hearts, we experienced the events and protests over the last week and recognized that the deep injustices along racial lines continue unabated. Our collective White, Brown, Black voices must join together to say out loud that we are committed to anti-racism, and we need our actions to demonstrate that commitment.


In Tribute to Andrea Harris

Dr. Andrea Harris believed in people and committed herself to those causes and organizations that advanced economic equity and inclusion. Her life is celebrated by so many.


Practice the ‘Human’ in Human Resources

In the best of times, organizations will identify and implement best practices for human resources and personnel management. We didn’t anticipate this pandemic but it affords us the opportunity to consider our own workforce and the optimal conditions, living wages, and access to care and resources that we all need, deserve, and are now advocating for.


Member Spotlight: Partners In Learning

Partners In Learning (Center Member since 1999) is dedicated to working with families and the community in Rowan and surrounding counties so they will have the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute significantly to the optimal growth and development of children. Learn more and see their mission in action.


Problematic DOL Guidance on Nonprofit Unemployment...and How to Fix It

Newly issued Department of Labor guidance on how states can implement a new federal law on the unemployment insurance program within the CARES Act, which was intended to help minimize nonprofits’ liability for unemployment insurance claims related to COVID-19, will do more harm than good.


Partners are Everything

Even as we physically distance ourselves during this pandemic, we have seen just how interconnected our lives are. While the Center continues to provide support for NC nonprofits, our collaboration with state and national partners is paramount to sustain "our village."


Member Spotlight: Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina

Prevent Child Abuse NC (Center Member since 1993) supports the development of safe, stable, nurturing relationships for children in their families and communities to prevent child abuse and neglect. Learn about their impact and the role each of us can play in helping to make great childhoods happen.


Nonprofits Tackle Pandemic: Jeanne Tedrow

CapDev's Allan Burrows and Clare Jordan talk with Center President Jeanne Tedrow about how nonprofits are responding to the Coronavirus pandemic


COVID-19 Unemployment Issues Affecting Nonprofits

Many businesses and nonprofits across the country are being forced to make difficult decisions about whether to continue paying some or all of their employees. Congress and state governments are developing solutions, but these that could lead to significant problems for some nonprofits and their employees.


We're With You

The nonprofit sector is always front and center in times of disaster and challenges that face our communities. This time will be no different. We are aware of your critical place in the fabric of our communities and are advocating for support here and now, and into the future as we recover and rebuild.


Member Spotlight: Puppet Show Inc.

With the mission to preserve and promote puppetry arts as an expressive art form, check out how Puppet Show Inc. (Center Member since 2017) inspires imagination, education, and community through the global art of puppetry.


"Full Cost" Is the Way Forward

Even in the best of times, managing a nonprofit’s finances is no small or easy task. But effective and sustainable organizations – including nonprofits – need sufficient funding for general operations.


Take Precautions and Prepare for COVID-19

We're aware of the challenges posed by COVID-19 and sensitive to the needs of nonprofit staff. We must take precautions, prepare, and work together to address it. 


Everything You Wanted to Know about Nonprofits and Elections...But Were Afraid to Ask

As the primary election nears, we've been fielding many questions about the types of election-related activities nonprofits can and can’t do. Here are thoughts and answers to some of the most common ones.


Social Justice as a Strategic Priority – The Commitment and Challenges

Last year was a year of strategic planning for Organic Growers Society – not so much to reinvent themselves but to sketch the next steps in the organization’s evolution starting from 10 big questions.


The Strategic Plan: It's Not a Destination, It's a Journey

Strategic planning is not a flat process with a box to check when the plan is written; it’s implementing, revisiting, and realigning that plan to drive our work, commitment, and missions.


Our EDI Journey

The past two years have been dedicated time for the Center to Walk the Talk on equity, diversity, and inclusion in North Carolina and in the nonprofit sector. We’ve come a long way and continue our journey both following and forging the path ahead.


Charitable Giving Trends...and Solutions

By now, most nonprofits understand that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act increased the standard deduction so most Americans don’t itemize their deductions and don’t get a federal tax break when they donate to nonprofits. There are still ways to reach the donors who care and contribute.


Artificial Intelligence to Recruit and Fundraise

An overwhelming number of HR executives believe that within the next few years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will work next to humans in their organizations, especially to recruit and train.


NC Needs Family Friendly Workplaces Now to Develop Workforce of the Future

There are many ways to foster a workplace where employees experience a true work-life balance. North Carolina Early Childhood Foundation’s Guide to Family Forward Workplaces outlines family-friendly practices (and examples) that support both employers and employees.


Nonprofit Policy Issues: October Status Update (with Predictions)

As the NC General Assembly tentatively plans to conclude its 2019 session at the end of this month, here are status updates on a variety of pending nonprofit proposals and predictions for how legislators may act on these bills during the remainder of this year’s session and the spring 2020 short session.


The Business of Board Governance

As executive directors or board nominating committee chairs, we sometimes ‘sell’ the notion that being a board member is an easy assignment. Stop this wayward thinking! Governing a nonprofit is important business that deserves a high-functioning board.


What if pizza shops had to manage their money like a nonprofit?

You can't order a pizza and only offer to pay for the ingredients. However, funders can give to a nonprofit and only allow the funds to be used for specific programs. It's time nonprofits approach funding for more unrestricted support.


State Budget Earmarks for Nonprofits: A Mix of Good and Bad News

In this year's budget, legislators doled out more than $117 million to 207 nonprofits, a big increase in special nonprofit appropriations over the last two years. Are these earmarks a positive or negative development for the nonprofit sector? The answer is: A little of both!


Are association health plans an answer for NC nonprofits?

Are association health plans the right answer for nonprofits's health care challenges? The answer is not simple and requires an analysis of both operational and mission-related considerations for nonprofits.


To Speak or Not to Speak: Should Executive Directors Respond to Social and Politicized Events? 

When your organization wants or needs to make a public statement or take a stand on a controversial issue, speaking up – or not speaking at all – is more complicated than meets the eye.


The What, Why & How to Diversity

Diversity and inclusion means recognizing and embracing our differences at all levels. It means acknowledging our biases and engaging in authentic and courageous conversations. How can nonprofits step up, start conversations, and begin the work?


2019 State Legislation Affecting Nonprofits

At least 69 of the 1,886 bills that have been filed in the NC House of Representatives and NC Senate thus far in 2019 affect the nonprofit sector. Many other bills would affect individual nonprofit organizations and the communities they serve. Keep up with the proposals that might affect your work.


Thank You, Miss Corbett

Possibly the “Mother” of community development in North Carolina, Fannie Mae Corbett helped lead and inspire so many others in the difficult work of community economic development. We're taking the time at the Center to hold Miss Corbett up as a leader in our midst.


Tax Policy Changes Could Protect and Enhance Charitable Giving

The new tax law nearly doubled the federal standard deduction, making itemizing deductions unnecessary for 95% of Americans. While the charitable deduction is only one of many reasons that people donate to nonprofits, the higher standard deduction inevitably means that many North Carolinians will give less than they have in the past. Nonprofits are advocating for common sense tax policy changes that would fix this unintended consequence.


Nonpartisan Redistricting Would Strengthen Nonprofits' Voices

For decades, lawmakers in the majority party in the North Carolina General Assembly (regardless of which party has been in power) have used the redistricting process as an opportunity to "gerrymander" districts to keep their party in power. This could finally be the year that legislators decide to take politics out of the redistricting process.


Threats to Nonprofit Tax Exemption in 2019

Most 501(c)(3) nonprofits in North Carolina are exempt from most state and local taxes. Nonprofit tax-exemption isn't merely a handout or an anachronism, but rather is part of an important social compact.


Four Possible Sales Tax Proposals That Would Affect Nonprofits

State legislatures around the country are considering significant changes to their sales tax laws this year. If North Carolina follows this trend, there are four possible sales tax changes that could have a significant impact on nonprofits


Four Major Policy Issues for NC Nonprofits in 2019

When NC legislators prepare for their 2019 session in January, they'll consider a wide range of policy proposals affecting the nonprofit sector, including the Center's predictions for four major state policy issues that will affect North Carolina's nonprofit setor this year.


President's Message: Ringing in the New

The message Center President & CEO Jeanne Tedrow heard most often on her travels across North Carolina in 2018 was the need for relevant services to help nonprofits. Read about some of the solutions and new programs the Center is launching in 2019.


The Nonprofit Sector in North Carolina and the Triangle

In North Carolina, we are fortunate to have a robust network of nonprofits providing essential services to every part of our community. Not only do nonprofits impact the people who live in our communities, but they also help build and support the culture and economy.


President's Message: Walking the Talk of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Center President & CEO Jeanne Tedrow shares our work, challenges, and opportunities from our first-year journey on Walking the Talk: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in NC Nonprofits.


Enhance Your Resilience

Professional Coach Sackeena Gordon-Jones says, life happens but resilience helps us hurdle adversities. She emphasizes that being resilient is a conscious decision and outlines how to focus on it, enhance it, and keep the ‘fire in our bellies.’


President's Message: Our Year in Review

Over the last year and looking into the next, Center President & CEO Jeanne Tedrow has a great sense of gratitude, optimism, and anticipation. Share her hindsight, insight, and foresight.


Heartbreak and Possibility: Is the Nonprofit Sector Ready for Reinvention?

Zulayka Santiago shares her experience, thoughts, and discussion around racial equity after a viewing party with her staff colleagues of one of the Center's Walking the Talk webinars.


Gut Checking: How to Re-wire the Unconscious Mind

Imagine that you are driving in an unfamiliar city and you happen upon a mural that you simply must stop to see. You pull over, park your car and get out, and pull out your phone to snap a picture. In your periphery, you see a group of young men walking towards you. What do you do? No matter your response, chances are your initial reaction will be influenced by what is known as unconscious bias. Unconscious bias, sometimes called implicit bias, refers to the attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.


How New Tax Laws Affect Nonprofits

On December 22, President Donald Trump signed into law a tax reform plan (H.R. 1) that cuts individual and corporate income tax rates and makes a variety of other changes to the Internal Revenue Code. Several parts of the tax plan affect the work of nonprofits.


Why Weaking the Johnson Amendment Would Be Devastating for Nonprofits

If you are involved with a North Carolina nonprofit, you’ve probably heard from the Center in recent weeks (probably more frequently that you would like!) encouraging you to take action to protect the Johnson Amendment. Based upon the high volume of calls, tweets, and letter signers from North Carolina (more than any other state!), it’s clear that many nonprofit staff and board members are legitimately concerned about the potential politicization of our sector. However, it is certainly reasonable for some nonprofit leaders to question why this change would be such a big deal for their organizations. After all, even if the Johnson Amendment were repealed, nothing would require 501(c)(3) nonprofits to get involved in partisan politics.


It's Budget Season. Are You Accounting for the Right Things?

The Overhead Myth: The idea that you can reasonably evaluate a nonprofit’s performance and trustworthiness by only looking at how much they spend (or don't spend) on overhead, including operating costs, administrative expenses and technology costs.


President's Message: Thanks for the Welcome

New Center President & CEO, Jeanne Canina Tedrow, shares her experience, impressions, and plans following her travels around the state to meet Members, boards of directors, supporters, and sustainers.


Tax Reform Implications for Nonprofits

This fall, Congress is in the process of rewriting the Internal Revenue Code with the dual goals of lowering individual and corporate income tax rates and simplifying our nation’s tax laws. This tax overhaul has major implications for 501(c)(3) nonprofits. 


Joan Garry Talks to a Martian

Joan Garry, the keynote speaker for our 2017 NC Nonprofits Conference, explains the "messiness" of the nonprofit sector to someone who doesn't understand the concept, a martian.


Retaining Donors is Key to Successful Fundraising

Retention of donors is critical and often overlooked, particularly when those donors have come in because of what they see in the news. Here’s what you need to do to keep your donors from fundraising guru Kim Klein.


Debunking Five Common Myths About the Johnson Amendment

On May 4, President Trump and leaders in Congress took aim at nonprofit nonpartisanship with a pair of actions that were, in the words of the National Council of Nonprofits, “coordinated, ruthless, and effective.” These moves follow up on President Trump’s February announcement that he intends to “get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment.”


Highlights (and Fabricated Statistics) from the 2017 Nonprofit Town Hall Series

In early 2017, the Center organized a series of Nonprofit Town Hall meetings around the state. These meetings – in Fayetteville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Jacksonville, Research Triangle Park, and Asheville – gave nonprofits an opportunity to connect with elected officials, learn about nonprofit sector trends and policy issues, and share their concerns about how the current political climate may affect their organizations.


Worker's Compensation: Good for Nonprofit Employees and Employers

Workers’ compensation in North Carolina provides medical treatment and wage replacement payments for employees who become injured in an on-the-job accident or develop a job-related disease or disorder. The goal of the workers’ compensation system is to return injured employees back to work as quickly as possible. It’s an important program, especially for small nonprofits. Here are five important reasons why nonprofit organizations need workers’ comp in North Carolina.


Nonprofits Should Remain Nonpartisan

At February’s National Prayer Breakfast, President Donald Trump announced his plans to “get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment,” a long-standing law that prevents charitable nonprofits from engaging in partisan, election-related activities. While the President’s remarks focused on political speech by religious institutions, the underlying law he proposes to eliminate is essential to preserving the integrity of all charitable nonprofits, including food banks, hospices, child care services, hospitals, arts organizations, schools, and affordable housing providers.