Advocacy Tools

Advocacy, public policy, and civic engagement are essential tools for all nonprofits in achieving their missions. We can provide you with the tools to be a strong advocate for your nonprofit’s specific issues. 


Nonprofits can lobby! Here’s some basic information about federal laws: 

  • Nonprofit advocacy is legal 
  • The powerful, free, and easy 501(h) election (the voluntary expenditure test that provides a clear and simple calculation for how much lobbying is permissible)  
  • More resources from the Alliance for Justice (Bolder Advocacy, en Español


Do you lobby at the state level? Here’s what you need to know: 


Tips on how to be an effective advocate: 

  • Advocacy & Lobbying FAQs 
  • Advocacy tools from the National Council of Nonprofits 


More tools to come in 2020 to help your nonprofit be an effective advocate


Nonprofits can get involved in nonpartisan civic engagement. Find out how