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Membership Has Its Advantages

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In addition to a listing in the Center's searchable Membership Directory, 501(c)(3) nonprofit members receive these exclusive benefits:


Nonprofit Management Resources


Member Discounts


Comprehensive Access to Center Member Benefits

  • Every member of your staff and board can create an online account.  When they do this, they can sign up to receive newsletters, explore the website for member-only resources, and get member discounts.


Beyond member benefits, your dues support: 

  • Nonprofit advocacy leadership in the NC General Assembly and U.S. Congress
  • Weekly newsletters with analysis of state and federal actions impacting nonprofits
  • Initiatives that lead North Carolina’s nonprofit sector
  • Connections to a network of nonprofit colleagues through learning events
  • Creation of outstanding learning programs for nonprofits
  • Affiliation with and access to free tools and reports from the National Council of Nonprofits


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