Salaries and Benefits

The 2020 Compensation Report for NC Nonprofits

2020 Nonprofit Compensation Survey

While the landscape has changed dramatically since the beginning of the year, nonprofit staff are still diligently at work to support and sustain our communities.

The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits' 2020 Compensation Report: An Analysis of North Carolina Nonprofits – the largest statewide study of compensation and benefit practices in North Carolina nonprofits – provides benchmarks that will help our organizations understand trends in our sector and:

  • Analyze salaries and benefits by job title, budget size, and field of work
  • Shape competitive compensation to recruit and retain fresh, diverse nonprofit leaders
  • Plan and budget strategically as we re-engage our workplaces

The report includes:

  • Specific salary information for 100+ nonprofit positions, including median and average salaries
  • Compensation analysis by title, nonprofit type, budget, and staff size
  • Changes in nonprofit pay levels compared to the 2018 report
  • Enhanced benefits sections like paid leave, health insurance, and retirement plan allowances

*A new 2021 Addendum on how COVID-19 has impacted nonprofit operations, staff retention, hiring, salary increases/decreases, bonuses, and benefits is available if you purchase the National Report 2020.


Purchase the full report for $150.

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