Salaries and Benefits

Salaries & Benefits in North Carolina's Nonprofits

"We used this to review our salaries based on comparable jobs in similar organizations. This data for North Carolina is not available anywhere else."

Emily Zimmern, President and CEO
Levine Museum of the New South, Charlotte

We previously published the most comprehensive study ever done for salaries and benefits in all types and sizes of 501(c)(3) nonprofits in North Carolina. Currently, we are planning to release a new and updated document. Stay Tuned!

The updated report will help with IRS questions about whether you set salaries using comparability data. Find solid data, broken down by:

  • 311 different nonprofit positions
  • budget size of the organization
  • region in NC
  • field of work

The N.C. Center will be collecting this data on salaries, total cash compensation, bonuses, and benefits - from health insurance and retirement plans to days off and executive contracts. You will be able to View sample pages from the report soon.

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