Salaries and Benefits

The 2022 Compensation Report for North Carolina Nonprofits is the most comprehensive study of salary and benefit data statwide!

2022 Nonprofit Compensation Report for North Carolina Nonprofits

We've partnered with Association TRENDS on the 2022 Nonprofit Compensation Report: An Analysis of North Carolina Nonprofits, a comprehensive, state-specific study of salary and benefit data that will help our organizations understand compensation trends across our sector, develop equitable compensation practices to recruit and retain diverse nonprofit leaders, and plan and budget strategically as our workplaces evolve and grow.

The 2022 report includes:

  • Specific salary information for 140 nonprofit positions
  • Compensation analysis by job title, nonprofit type, budget, and staff size
  • Comparisons of nonprofit pay levels from year to year
  • Enhanced benefits sections detailing paid leave, health insurance, and retirement plan allowances

The report is $75 for participating Center members, $100 for non-participating Center members, $125 for participating nonprofits, and $150 for all others. If you're a Center member or participated in the survey, contact us for your discount code.

Purchase the full report for $150.

Find the 2022 North Carolina report in the green box under the State Report Purchase Options.