Resources for Your Daily Work

Whether you are looking to tell your nonprofit’s story, evaluate your fundraising strategy, develop a sound HR policy, or learn more about our state's nonprofit sector, we have publications to help. 


Countdown to the Inevitable: North Carolina Nonprofit CEOs in Transition

A report to help nonprofits and their leaders navigate executive transitions successfully

Essential: Our State's Nonprofit Sector is a Vital Economic Engine

A comprehensive report about the economic impact of 501(c)(3) nonprofits in our state 

Employment Law for North Carolina Nonprofits:
A Handbook for Managers and Board Members of Nonprofit Organizations

A handbook of major state and federal employment law requirements for nonprofit
organizations and how to apply to personnel practices

Guidebook for Boards of Directors of North Carolina Nonprofits

An overview of the roles and responsibilities of board members.

Legal Compliance Checklist for North Carolina Nonprofits

An outline of laws that affect NC nonprofits’ governance, finances, advocacy,
human resources, and fundraising

Salaries and Benefits for North Carolina's Nonprofit Sector

North Carolina data on salaries, total cash compensation, bonuses, and benefits

Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence 

Guiding principles and benchmarks for nonprofit best practices

Common Ground 

Quarterly publication featuring nonprofit best practices and trends