Member Spotlight: Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center

The Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center (RCVRC), a division of the Election Administration Resource Center, is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit that collects, distributes, and analyzes information regarding the adoption, implementation, and impact of ranked-choice voting. Founded in 2019, RCVRC is based in Goldboro but provides services, programs, and resources nationally.

Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center

The RCVRC brings together stakeholders with different forms of expertise to help election administrators across the country. Our partnerships allow us to work with and learn from various forms of expertise while also helping us increase knowledge about ranked-choice voting through our networks.

Partnering with advocacy groups, policymakers, and election administrators across the country, we continue to learn and develop best practices for ranked-choice voting (RCV). For example, we have collaborated with the Center for Civic Design to create best practices for ballot design and results reporting. Working with experts across the country, the RCVRC creates content via webinars and our podcast, RCV Clips. This content is freely shared with the public as part of our mission in educating the public about RCV.

We have also collaborated with Bright Spots to develop RCTab, also known as the RCV Universal Tabulator, to provide free, open-source counting software for RCV elections. This software, also free, allows jurisdictions to quickly and efficiently tabulate RCV election results without, in most cases, purchasing new voting equipment.

The RCVRC supports jurisdictions as they implement RCV. Each community is different, with unique needs, regulations, and politics. While we tend to look at ranked-choice voting on the national scale, we've learned that each state or jurisdiction comes with its own set of challenges and hurdles. Proponents of RCV believe it promotes better representation and more positive campaigning, which are important in communities across the country. The RCVRC helps communicate the concept and the benefits of RCV to voters and stakeholders to ensure greater equity in their community.

The work of the RCVRC covers many different ranked-choice voting matters in an accessible and actionable way. The cornerstone of our Resource Center is our website that houses RCV resources from research to webinars and podcasts to ballot design and more. We recently released our flagship research project, RCV Maps. RCV Maps is a state-by-state analysis of the election administration infrastructure and provides users a starting point for understanding what will be needed for any state, county, or city to implement RCV. The Resource Center also offers the only free, federally tested, open-source ranked-choice voting tabulation software solution available. RCTab is compatible with almost all voting systems in use in the U.S. and has been used this past year in New York and Utah. Additionally, our staff offers RCV consulting services, expert testimony, and implementation guidelines to jurisdictions. We have presented to state auditors in Washington State, testified in Washington D.C., and hosted webinars for election administrators. Our nationally recognized center is regarded as the premier ranked-choice voting resource for voters, election administrators, policymakers, and candidates.

When the RCVRC was initially conceived, a small team of election administrators and staff sought to develop a content-rich site to create a single space to share ideas, develop best practices, overcome hurdles, and deliver exceptional election administration support. The past few years have brought a tremendous amount of growth to the ranked-choice voting space. 2021 alone has seen over 100 contests nationwide decided by RCV elections, two times more contests than in any previous year. As RCV grows, so does our team and the amount of information available about the voting method. We recently added two new staff members, giving us more ability to focus on identifying and cataloging the best resources and information available about this voting method.

Being fully remote even before the pandemic, the Resource Center has held regular working and planning sessions for staff located across the country. The team connects virtually through various platforms several times a week to discuss issues and develop resources. Additionally, we have improved project management and contact tracking through Keela and implemented more virtual tools for stakeholders across the country.

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