A - Arts, Culture, & Humanities

Laurel Community Center Org, Inc.

The Laurel Community Center Organization will strive to provide opportunities for education, a federally-funded government meal program, studio space for artists, a computer lab making internet connections available to those in need, a museum to enrich and sustain the cultural heritage of the Southern Appalachian region highlighting the Laurel sector of Madison County, and will aid and abet in the exchange of information and the gathering of resources in the form of recreational programs, meetings, lectures, and themed workshops as well as event space in an effort to consistently serve and

Brooklyn Arts Music Academy

The Brooklyn Arts Music Academy offers the Wilmington community inspiring performances and nurturing musical education. The artist-educators of the Academy share a wide array of musical experience and a wealth of knowledge that benefits all students regardless of age, skill level, or background. BAMA is committed to connecting Wilmington’s diverse communities with active musical community engagement. The Brierwood Ensemble, the resident performing ensemble of the academy brings an unrivaled musical experience to the Brooklyn Arts District.

Redress Raleigh

Redress Raleigh cultivates a more responsible ecosystem for the fashion industry by educating and mobilizing consumers to be positive advocates while leveraging industry-related partnerships.

The Peanut Factory, Inc.

The Peanut Factory supports emerging and professional contemporary artists, writers, and other creative individuals through residencies in a setting grounded in local history, while emphasizing international understanding. Guided by the belief that creative expression transforms lives on a personal scale while enriching the framework of society, The Peanut Factory develops strategic partnerships to facilitate cultural growth and economic development in eastern North Carolina and beyond.