A - Arts, Culture, & Humanities

Korner's Folly Foundation

The mission of the Korner's Folly Foundation is to restore and preserve Historic Korner's Folly for the education and enjoyment of the public. Korner's Folly is the 1880s Victorian home of Jule Korner, artist and interior designer. He built Korner's Folly as a catalogue for his work. Today, Korner's Folly is open year-round for tours, educational programs, and community events. Programming centers around historic preservation, history, architecture, and art history.

Rince Na h'Eireann Parents Association

The Rince na h’Eireann Parents Association is an educational organization whose primary objective is to cultivate and share the love of Irish dance. We make it our mission to focus on the dancers. All of our activities are initiated and carried out by volunteers, some of whom no longer have students actively dancing. The Parents Association seeks opportunities to present the art of Irish dance to communities in North and South Carolina.

Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts

The Thomas S. Kenan Institute for the Arts at the UNC School of the Arts is an arts service organization that serves as a bridge between campus and community by developing artist leaders, supporting creative careers and businesses, and engaging in creative placemaking. The Institute supports the exploration of new knowledge to cultivate leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators who can tackle complex challenges in the communities in which they live and work.

Centro Unido Latino-Americano, Inc.

Crear una comunidad incluyente, empoderada y equipada para crear un mundo más justo, promoviendo la participación de la comunidad latina y desarrollando la capacidad de líderes de base. (Promote the development of an inclusive, trained, and equipped healthy community to create a more just society through the participation of the Latinx community and the development of grassroots leadership capacity.)

Mint Museum of Art

The Mint Museum is a leading, innovative museum of international art and design committed to engaging and inspiring all members of our global community.

The Mint Museum is dedicated to leadership in collecting, exhibiting, conserving, researching, publishing, interpreting, and sharing art and design from around the world. These commitments are central to the museum’s core values of leadership, integrity, inclusiveness, knowledge, stewardship, and innovation, promoting understanding of and respect for diverse peoples and cultures.

Greensboro Literary Organization

The mission of Greensboro Literary Organization is to
a) bring readers and writers together year-round, culminating in an annual literary festival in May
b) provide a place for all communities in Guilford County to tell their story
c) get authors in front of Guilford County students and books into the hands of those students.

Durham Ballet Theatre

The purpose of Durham Ballet Theatre is to provide a training company and public performance opportunities for dancers, singers and actors of all ages who wish to go on to have professional careers in the field of the performing arts, extend their careers or have a secondary career in the profession of the performing arts.