A - Arts, Culture, & Humanities

ComMotion - Community in Motion

ComMotion builds community & improves well-being through adaptive and inclusive movement. Our mission is to enable everyone to experience the many benefits of movement, regardless of their age, ability, or circumstances. Movement promotes strength, flexibility, balance, posture and coordination while reducing pain, depression, anxiety, and stress. Our programs are completely portable & adaptable to any space, bringing classes directly to those we serve, eliminating potential barriers to access.

Mamlekhet Kohanim - Kingdom of Culture and Heritage Preservation

Our organization aims to preserve, support, and promote the culture, history, and heritage of the dispersed African Erverh people worldwide. Our objective is to raise awareness and provide support to those who are descendants of the ancient African Erverh groups and wish to learn more about their history. We will connect with others of this heritage worldwide through education, research, networking, media, and charitable efforts.

Southport Historical Society

The Southport Historical Society is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization registered under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code dedicated to bringing together persons interested in local area history. SHS endeavors to do so by providing opportunities for learning through programs and special events, published articles and books, educational classes, and community projects that will both enhance and preserve the unique history and heritage of Southport and the surrounding area.

Baran Dance

Baran Dance creates, presents, and offers contemporary dance performances and classes for a wide spectrum of performing artists, audiences, and student demographics. Through professional concert work in a range of formats and venues as well as educational and mentoring programs for emerging dance artists, we cultivate appreciation for and accessibility to contemporary dance as a staple of arts, culture, and community engagement throughout Charlotte, NC and regional areas.

North Carolina Folklife Institute

The North Carolina Folklife Institute promotes the preservation, appreciation and understanding of the folklife heritage and culture in North Carolina. We do this through documentation projects, festival production, community education programming, research, print, and audio publications, and cultivating a vast network of community and folk arts organizations in North Carolina.