A - Arts, Culture, & Humanities

Films From The Heart

Films from the Heart is a non-profit movement with a mission to engage, educate and inspire the community. We exist to educate the youth about film production and to create and share films of the people and organizations in the community that go untold.

ShopSpace, Inc.

ShopSpace is a dynamic industrial art center that offers access to tools, space and the knowledge necessary to build, create, learn and explore. The values focus on building community and offering a meaningful creative experience in a safe and supportive environment.

Hendersonville Community Theatre

Our mission is

To offer the community high quality stage productions, a variety of plays and musicals which provide entertainment and enjoyment as well as intellectual and emotional stimulation.

To further knowledge and the development of skill in the dramatic and associated arts and crafts through working participation and through instruction in all phases of theater production.

Laurel Community Center Org, Inc.

The Laurel Community Center Organization will strive to provide opportunities for education, a federally-funded government meal program, studio space for artists, a computer lab making internet connections available to those in need, a museum to enrich and sustain the cultural heritage of the Southern Appalachian region highlighting the Laurel sector of Madison County, and will aid and abet in the exchange of information and the gathering of resources in the form of recreational programs, meetings, lectures, and themed workshops as well as event space in an effort to consistently serve and

Brooklyn Arts Music Academy

The Brooklyn Arts Music Academy offers the Wilmington community inspiring performances and nurturing musical education. The artist-educators of the Academy share a wide array of musical experience and a wealth of knowledge that benefits all students regardless of age, skill level, or background. BAMA is committed to connecting Wilmington’s diverse communities with active musical community engagement. The Brierwood Ensemble, the resident performing ensemble of the academy brings an unrivaled musical experience to the Brooklyn Arts District.

Breathing Access 501(c)(3)

The mission of Breathing Access 501(c)(3) is to provide yoga and healing arts for children and communities in need. We have certified trauma-informed yoga instructors who focus on high-risk students in Title 1 elementary and middle schools. In addition to teaching the children basic yoga poses, our instructors are mentors and role models who equip children with the tools that they need to cope with the harsh realities in which they live.