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Historic Turner House Foundation, Inc

The mission of the Historic Turner House is to provide programs that educate the community and history lovers of untold cultural and historic stories related to the Turner family and others who resided in Historic Oberlin Village in Raleigh, NC. The mission of the Turner House Foundation is to source funding to preserve/restore the physical spaces of this remnant of a surviving Freedmans’ Village in North Carolina that grew out of a free black settlement during the Reconstruction Era.

Vault Theatre Limited

Vault Theatre, a new 501(c)3 theatre company located in Durham, is dedicated to unlocking the imagination through comprehensive and innovative theatre programming onstage, in the classroom, and within the community. Vault Theatre is focused on investing in the artistic work and stories of our rising young voices. VT's work celebrates stories of radical hope for the future for audiences of all ages, nurtures the artistic voices of young performers, creates dialogues for social change, and mentors early career artists for continued growth in the performing arts industry.