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Seeds For Jubilee Foundation

To promote the embodiment of both the truth and grace of God like which has been manifested in the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ by sponsoring initiatives which will in the judgement of the board serve both personally and socially to move the human species toward greater health and wholeness.

Preservation Greensboro

For over 50 years, Preservation Greensboro Incorporated has served to preserve historic sites, neighborhoods, and streetscapes that provide the Gate City with a unique sense of history and place. As the city’s only non-governmental membership organization dedicated to this cause, Preservation Greensboro has provided resources to enhance our distinctive sense of heritage and has helped the city maintain a tradition of adaptive reuse, renovation, and recycling.

Our project portfolio includes Architectural Salvage, Blandwood historic house museum, the Blandwood Carriage House special events center, a preservation resources library, the annual Tour of Historic Homes, and community advocacy. We promote architecture and neighborhoods through our activities such as educational tours, special events, seminars, and publications, while our sister organization the Preservation Greensboro Development Fund finds extended uses for historic buildings owned by others through partnerships and creative solutions.

Historic Bethabara Park

To preserve, acquire, and interpret our past, in order to make a better future. Historic Bethabara Park is the 1753 site of the first Moravian Settlement in North Carolina. Moravians are German Protestants who trace their origins to the Bohemian Priest, Jan Hus, martyred in 1415. Historic Bethabara Park was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1999.