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Musical Instruments for Children, Inc.

Musical Instruments for Children, Inc. is a private non-profit 501 (c) (3) agency dedicated to collecting used or new musical instruments from citizens in the community. We give them to indigent children and also school systems. The school systems give them to children who cannot afford to buy a musical instrument and would like to play one in their school's band or orchestra. The agency also accepts cash donations to be used to fix the used musical instruments we collect to get them back in shape.

Enlace Latino NC, INC

We are dedicated to produce journalism of public service, in Spanish, independent, truthful and non-partisan, on immigration issues, state policy, government and community, and state affairs of North Carolina. Furthermore, to divulge information that empowers and encourages the diverse community of Latino / Hispanic immigrants in the state to generate movements, so that they can be more involved in social, political and economic changes that benefit them.

Piedmont Folkways Inc

To provide acoustic roots music that resonates with music lovers and encourages younger listeners to develop an interest in traditional music. Piedmont Folkways is designed to do more than just preserve this music, it’s a pathway to keeping many forms of traditional music alive. We work to bring in diverse artists, like Rev.