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Brooklyn Arts Music Academy

The Brooklyn Arts Music Academy offers the Wilmington community inspiring performances and nurturing musical education. The artist-educators of the Academy share a wide array of musical experience and a wealth of knowledge that benefits all students regardless of age, skill level, or background. BAMA is committed to connecting Wilmington’s diverse communities with active musical community engagement. The Brierwood Ensemble, the resident performing ensemble of the academy brings an unrivaled musical experience to the Brooklyn Arts District.

Appalachian Theatre of the High Country, Inc.

To provide a quality venue for a variety of artistic genres; to contribute to the region by promoting and strengthening the area’s unique cultural identity and creative history; to enhance business in downtown Boone and the High Country; to provide a cultural hub for the area; and to find new life for an historic building while maintaining its financial sustainability and maximizing its economic impact.

Redress Raleigh

Redress Raleigh cultivates a more responsible ecosystem for the fashion industry by educating and mobilizing consumers to be positive advocates while leveraging industry-related partnerships.