A - Arts, Culture, & Humanities

Historic Stagville Foundation

To educate in the social and material history of the plantation South, hands-on preservation technology, and African-American history. Historic Stagville is a North Carolina State Historic Site that preserves the remnants of one of the largest plantations in North Carolina. Stagville is dedicated to interpreting the lives, culture, and labors of enslaved people on the Bennehan-Cameron plantations.


Kidznotes catalyzes social change by providing comprehensive music education, leadership opportunities, and character-building experiences to children with the fewest resources and the greatest need. Our vision is to be a catalyst for change that uses music to build a thriving network of children, families and partners in which the passion for music unleashes the human potential to transform lives and communities. The foundation of our vision is our commitment to embrace and value diversity, excellence and collaboration in our daily lives.

Arts For Life

To provide creative opportunities for children and adolescents who battle cancer and other life-threatening diseases and physical disabilities; to create opportunities for individuals, including college students and artists, to teach children and adolescents who battle life-threatening disease and physical disabilities; to educate the public and foster a clearer understanding of childhood illness and disease.

The Choral Arts Collective

We envision a community that celebrates excellence, diversity, and lifelong participation in choral music. The mission of the Choral Arts Collective is to create engaging, inclusive, and entertaining choral experiences. We believe that providing excellent choral programming - ranging from music education to professional concerts through varied ensembles that include Bel Canto Company, Gate City Voices, and Greensboro Youth Chorus - creates accessible and lifelong sources of enjoyment, fulfillment, and artistic expression for all.