Heartbreak and Possibility: Is the Nonprofit Sector Ready for Reinvention?

On March 21, the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits hosted the third webinar in its “Walking the Talk” series where they posed the question: Are we confronting the nonprofit racial leadership gap? Frances Kunreuther, co-director of the Building Movement Project, presented findings from a national survey to determine why – despite an increased number of training programs for leaders of color and the number of groups working on issues of race equity – are there not more leaders of color in nonprofits?

The Equity Paradigm

The Equity Paradigm is a diversity, equity & inclusion consulting firm that helps individuals and organizational leaders a) foster key mindsets, practices and approaches that address structural and interpersonal barriers and advance equity, b) interrogate socio-historical factors that have led to disparate outcomes between individuals, across systems and within institutions, and c) position you to champion and actively work towards diversity, equity and inclusion in your work.

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Inside & Out Consulting

Thank you for reaching out to Inside & Out Consulting (IOC). Tami Forte Logan, is the proprietor of IOC, a woman and person of color owned firm that uses internal and external processes designed for non-profit professionals, faith communities, community and civic organizations, foundations, schools, grassroots organizations and other community change agents. IOC uses a structural framework that addresses the dynamics of power, privilege and oppression and the natural intersections of often contending identities.

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Walking The Talk: Are We Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap?

The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits hosted the third webinar of our "Walking the Talk: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in North Carolina Nonprofits" series. Building Movement Project (BMP) co-director Frances Kunreuther discussed Race to Lead: Confronting the Nonprofit Racial Leadership Gap, the first report in BMP’s Race to Lead series that explores why there are so few leaders of color in the nonprofit sector.

Walking the Talk: Impact > Intention: Implicit Bias

Are we practicing what we preach? Or is our implicit bias negatively affecting our decisions in spite of our good intentions? Ivan Canada and Michael Robinson of the National Conference for Community and Justice of the Piedmont Triad presented the second webinar in the Center's "Walking the Talk" series, Impact > Intention: Understanding Implicit Bias. The discussion included:

Gut Checking: How to Re-wire the Unconscious Mind

Gut Checking: How to re-wire the unconscious mind

Imagine for a moment that you are driving in an unfamiliar city and you happen upon a mural that you simply must stop to see more closely. You pull over, park your car on the side of the road, get out of the car, and pull out your phone to snap a picture. In your periphery, you see a group of young men walking towards you. What do you do? Do you wave at the young men because they remind you of your children’s friends or sensing possible danger, do you try to get back in your car unnoticed and drive away?