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Communications & Marketing
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Express Lane Strategies

Express Lane Strategies is a progressive consulting firm based in North Carolina that leverages years of experience public relations and on the ground relationships to provide the highest level of services. We provide creative and branding development, website design, strategic communications, public relations, nonprofit marketing, graphic design, and campaign strategy for people who are working to make the world a better place.

Whether you’re a new nonprofit looking to make a splash, or a well known organization looking to revamp your presence, our team has the know-how and drive to help you achieve your goals for an affordable rate and in a timely fashion. You can count on us to do what we say we will — on time and on budget.

website, Branding, Social Media/Digital Marketing
Elevation Web

Elevation Web ( is a leading digital agency specializing in custom website design and development for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations. We empower organizations to thrive online by creating engaging websites that amplify their impact and drive donations. Visit our website to learn more.

website design, digital marketing, website support
Carrboro Creative

At Carrboro Creative, we’ve worked with countless nonprofits, helping them power up the great work they do with growth-driven branding, website design, and graphic design services. We know you’re up to your eyeballs running your nonprofit; that’s why we use proven processes to make your experience easy and stress-free. Whether you’re tech-savvy or a “technophobe,” each step is spelled out, so you feel confident knowing everything’s under control.

We know how to bring your real, authentic brand to life, even when you find it hard to describe what that is. By uncovering the core of who you are, what you offer, and why you’re different, we encapsulate your brand with a purpose-driven website, strong branding assets, and clear brand guidelines.

website design, Branding, graphic design
Big Sea

Big Sea is a marketing agency that empowers mission-based organizations to amplify their purpose through impactful storytelling.
Since 2005, this distributed team of 30 industry veterans provide growth strategy, storytelling, digital marketing, and website development services to nonprofits, museums, cultural institutions, and research organizations around the country.

digital marketing, web design, digital fundraising
BC/DC Ideas

We are a creative agency that specializes in nonprofit communications, marketing, and fundraising.

Our unique approach to communications creates interactivity and engagement with your audiences. Always focused on your brand and goals, our ideas harness your biggest objectives and make them achievable.
We've spent our entire lives standing for justice, fairness, and good. We partner with nonprofit organizations to bring a sea change to our communities, states, and country. From intense, short-term projects to long-term branding building, one thing is for certain - we will stand with you.

From our headquarters in Cary, NC, we strive to create actionable campaigns and celebrate our unabashed nonprofit communications nerdery. Rooted in solid communications experience, our team loves creating holistic campaigns, design projects, and websites that move the needle for our clients.

Our leadership team has more than 20 years of dedicated nonprofit communications experience, paired with a decade of corporate advertising experience. This unique combination allows us to think about the big picture with unique and creative tactics, all while scaling projects for nonprofit budgets. Affordable big ideas are our business.

marketing, communications, strategy
Organization Description Keywords
Zen Consulting LLC

We provide fractional CFO services as well as business consulting, risk management, grant management, and strategic planning assistance to nonprofits. We have over 20 years of experience in the nonprofit management field and love working with clients to help them meet their goals and pursue their missions. We also provide advising and support to individuals seeking to form their own nonprofit organizations.
We work remotely with clients all over the globe, as well as in-person for any clients within the NC Triangle area.

Accounting, fractional CFO, Strategic Planning
Waller Consulting, LLC

Waller Consulting provides practical advice for nonprofits to build the capacity to bring their visions to reality.

Ginny Waller is the former Executive Director of the largest, free-standing sexual assault services agency in South Carolina. She is also a skilled facilitator (virtual and in-person) and lawyer (licensed in South Carolina) with more than seventeen years of experience in nonprofit leadership development, strategic planning, and operational efficiency, with specializations in change management and relationship building.

Ginny often collaborates with other successful female entrepreneurs to provide the following services: change management, executive coaching, strategic planning, and executive search.

Waller Consulting prides itself on speaking truth with kindness, living authentically, and effecting massive change for our clients.

Silverback Ventures

Our Vision.
SilverBack Ventures exists to create multiplication of impact by helping companies pursue purpose, increase performance, and maximize profitability for the betterment of the larger community

Our Mission.
Providing encouragement, empowerment, education, and investment through focused training, consultative engagements, and impact investing.

Our Values.
Always work in a way that honors God and values people.
Multiply and magnify the efforts of amazing people doing amazing things.
Recognize everyone has a unique gift that was given to be shared.
Accelerate growth; Innovate to meet needs; Invigorate servant leadership.

consulting; strategy; planning; vision; coaching; leadership development; accounting; administrative; executive director

Performentor is a fractional HR services firm that provides organizational expertise and people practices support -- the right amount and the right levels of expertise ONLY when you need it. Our mission is to help organizations unleash their people's energy to propel growth. We do everything you can imagine a people and culture company would do and more! The discovery phase of a project is where we learn about you and uncover other needs and priorities. In other words, you are not bound to the below list of services. We’ve got you!

people strategy
business process analysis
recruiting and onboarding
HR tech selection
full-cycle talent management
culture scaling
behavior change strategies
compensation and benefit analysis
training and development
employee handbook creation and updates
employee relations
policy and strategic operations consulting
group facilitation
diversity, equity, and inclusion

Organizations need various levels of HR skill sets. The capabilities of people strategy, system builders and tactical experts do not all reside in one person. The team is composed of individuals with varying levels of HR expertise, credentialed behavior scientists and organizational behavior experts. We customize a team that allows access to the range of HR expertise typically found in larger organizations.

Fractional, HR, Human Resources

Our mission is to help small businesses grow into profitable, successful companies by providing financial, managerial, and strategic expertise.

PAK Accounting was founded as a bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services provider for businesses in 2014. As we grew in client size, it became evident that small to mid-size businesses would greatly benefit from advisory services that were tailored to help them surpass their current status and grow into successful companies. Too many small businesses are left without experienced financial professionals that can help them overcome financial and managerial hurdles which cause so many to lose money or, worse yet, go out of business. As entrepreneurs, we have specific skill sets that are necessary for business.

The services that we offer but not limited to are:

  • Business Accounting Services: We understand the complexities involved in running a business. That’s why we’ll go out of our way to tailor our services to suit your specific needs.
  • Bookkeeping: We offer comprehensive bookkeeping services designed to keep your finances in check.
  • Payroll: When it comes to payroll, there is nothing more important than paying your payroll taxes and your employees and subcontractors on time and accurately.
  • Business Services: We partner with businesses just like yours to provide the information and support they need to meet their financial objectives. ​