P - Human Services

Single Women With Children Organization, Inc

Single Women With Children, Inc., is a non-profit organization that empowers economically and socially disadvantaged single mothers and their children. Collaborating with community agencies, businesses, and organizations, Single Women With Children, Inc. helps single mothers establish and reach their goals; to help them gain the educational and social skills necessary to enhance the quality of their daily lives. Single Women With Children, Inc.

Mega Music Studio, Inc.

The mission of Mega Music Studio, Inc. is to EXPOSE as many students as possible to the unlimited advantages of music instruction by providing high quality music instruction to EDUCATE and challenge the student's intellect and individual expressiveness, CULTIVATE the skills and discipline necessary for a good foundation in achieving musical excellence, enhancing academic achievement in the areas of math and reading, improving social skills, memory performance, physical performance and coordination, motivation to study, concentration and attentiveness.

Cakeable Charlotte, Inc

Cakeable Charlotte is a nonprofit organization that offers baking classes and job skills training for teens and adults who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Cakeable’s mission is to equip and empower our students in order to build bridges across the disability employment gap in the Charlotte area. Cakeable Charlotte’s baking classes are intentionally designed to enhance communication and motor skills, peer interaction, employability, and self-confidence and our revenue opportunities (bake sales, farmers' markets) provide training in customer service skills.