P - Human Services

The Revive Justice Project, Inc.

The Revive Justice Project seeks to revive a sense of community through education and providing resources for underfunded populations.

We are informed by many years representing indigent individuals in the family court and criminal legal systems. We strive to help lessen the burdens of reintegration into society by showing care to those who are often at the margins of society.

Thrive Pavilion Inc.

Thrive Pavilion Inc. administers Metaverse-based communities for older adults that provide group-based activities and events to improve all aspects of personal wellness and overcome the negative impacts of social isolation.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be to:

Arrange, promote, and conduct events in the metaverse where older adults socially engage with one another during physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, environmental, and vocational activities.

National Birth Coalition

We are a Community-based Doula organization filling the severe birth disparity gaps in the North Carolina maternity care system. Together we comprehensively address the complex dimensions of BIPOC maternal health status. We are a diverse group of certified and trained birth and postpartum doulas, medical professionals, maternity care advocates, community members, and researchers interested in direct efforts to support, advocate, and provide solutions for communities across the state to eliminate health disparities.