P - Human Services

From Broken2Chosen

Our mission at “From Broken2Chosen” is to uplift and help in the pursuit of transformation in the lives of women who have experienced poverty, homelessness, single motherhood, divorce, financial struggle, addiction, abuse, imprisonment, or just every day struggles, so they can transform into their best versions of themselves.

Fostering Faith Foundation

Our vision is to serve every foster child, kinship child, permanent placements and their caregivers that comes through our doors with hope, healing and unconditional love. How do we do that? By serving one child at a time with the necessities needed throughout their transition into care. Our staff and volunteers bring smiles and love while providing children in care with new clean clothes, toys, therapy aids, and snuggly items throughout the year. We also strive to serve those who have aged out with needed assistance. Once Mid-October arrives, Mrs.