P - Human Services

Raleigh Village East

Raleigh Village East exists to provide some services such as rides to doctors, the grocery store, etc. and elder visits and checkins, that will allow seniors in the Oakwood/Mordecai area of Raleigh to live in their homes longer. It is based on the Beacon Hill Village in Boston. We are in the process of established the parameters of our work and our audience.

We are in the process of applying for 501(c)(3) status but need to do more research before applying.

disAbility Resource Center

The mission of the disAbilityResource Center (dRC) is to empower persons with disabilities to become and maintain their independence in their communities. The disAbility Resource Center provides services to people with disabilities of all ages and all types of disabilities and those who support them.

Saluda Living in Place

Saluda Living in Place (SLIP) helps to reduce those barriers and help residents to live longer, healthier and more enjoyable lives. We believe that a strong senior community can be a rewarding place to live, with seniors serving as an asset to each other and the entire community.