S - Community Improvement & Capacity Building

Kreative On Purpose

Kreative On Purpose’s mission is to provide positive reinforcement to women and girls in black and brown communities, strengthening their mindsets toward becoming better versions of themselves. Acting as an adjunct organization and through partnerships, with other community organizations, KOP offers mentorship programs, peer-to-peer support, workshops, panel discussions, or other similar programs. Kreative On Purpose's aim is to reshape the narrative of women and girls, developing them into strong leaders within their families and their communities.

God's Love Apostolic Ministries

At God’s Love Apostolic Ministries,
Our mission is founded upon the gospel of Jesus Christ.
We are a Holy Spirit filled church. By trusting and obeying the Word of God
We are serving and advancing the Kingdom of God while empowering God’s people.
As soldiers of the Lord,
we are called to active discipleship.
Our purpose is to build up the Kingdom of God through worship, caring, sharing and outreach.

Resources to Dream

Cultivating Economic Change through mankind's personal and individualized purpose. Their is beauty and deliverance in a hidden dynamic to produce sustainable change to be able to thrive on many levels from the inside as and as a resources to dream.