S - Community Improvement & Capacity Building

Pace Group Inc.

To establish an atmosphere of cooperation between downtown merchants, property owners, city officials, and area residents; thereby, creating an environment suitable for economic and revitalization of the Thomasville Downtown area.

Project Point Five

Project Point Five specializes in personal renovation, rehabilitations, and reinventions to achieve self-sufficiency and economic mobility through a holistic approach designed to meet each client's needs. We are on a mission to empower, educate, and enlighten non-violent offenders, veterans in-need, at risk youth, and struggling male head of households.

NC Budget & Tax Center

At the North Carolina Budget & Tax Center, we envision a state where every person can reach their full potential and achieve well-being through the support of trustworthy, anti-racist institutions and systems that we all participate in building. The NC Budget & Tax Center is a non-partisan organization that works to document fiscal and economic conditions in communities to support the work of people, organizations, and government to advance solutions to poverty and pursue racial equity.

Communities In Partnership

Communities in Partnership (CIP) cultivates grassroots leadership and builds community resilience through collective action and transformational organizing. We envision Old East Durham and the surrounding area as a vibrant place where all residents have an exceptional quality of life with the economic and political power to impact decision making that affects their community.

Blueprint North Carolina

“The organization is a partnership of public policy advocacy and grassroots organizing nonprofits dedicated to achieving a better, fairer, healthier North Carolina through the development of an integrated communications and civic engagement strategy.”

Carolina Common Enterprise

Community wealth building in the Carolinas through cooperative development, education & training.

Carolina Common Enterprise works for an economy in which all people participate and prosper. We help to develop new and expanding cooperatives through cultivating economic opportunities and connecting communities and resources to each other.