S - Community Improvement & Capacity Building

Mt. Calvary Center for Leadership Development

The Mt. Calvary Center for Leadership Development mission is to educate, enable, and prepare grassroots persons to become better individuals and advocates for economic, political and social change for the betterment of the community. The Center serves mostly low income and rural communities with high unemployment and low educational achievement. There are several who desire leadership positions, but most lack the skills for leadership. This is not because of a lack of aptitude but the lack of training.

B3 Coffee

B3 Coffee is a non-profit coffee shop with community programming that serves as a platform of positive visibility and connection for people of all abilities. One cup at a time, we aim to influence change toward a more inclusive and equitable world.

Sentinel Patriot Club dba STAND T.A.L.L.

To support unbudgeted needs of area law enforcement to help them better perform their duties and to provide programs that enhance relationships with law enforcement and citizens, particularly in under-served areas.

STAND T.A.L.L. Has 3 Pillars Community Support & Services

1. Community Support Programs - These are two of our primary programs:

"Kids & Cops" in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Club of Henderson County and the Hendersonville Police Department to provide security and mentoring to the 1100 children who attend the club annually.

Communities In Partnership

Communities in Partnership (CIP) cultivates grassroots leadership and builds community resilience through collective action and transformational organizing. We envision Old East Durham and the surrounding area as a vibrant place where all residents have an exceptional quality of life with the economic and political power to impact decision making that affects their community.