S - Community Improvement & Capacity Building

Restoration Weldon

Restoration Weldon is organized exclusively for charitable, community revitalization, and education purposes. Its overall mission is to establish a group of volunteers who live, have lived, or consider themselves from Weldon, North Carolina, who will actively participate in the development of Weldon and the surrounding area as a thriving community of people dedicated to creating the best environment for a better life.

Gaston Together

To bring the people and resources of Gaston County together to address our county's most pressing needs: through the principles and best practices of collaboration, partnership, and facilitation.

Project Point Five

Project Point Five specializes in personal renovation, rehabilitations, and reinventions to achieve self-sufficiency and economic mobility through a holistic approach designed to meet each client's needs. We are on a mission to empower, educate, and enlighten non-violent offenders, veterans in-need, at risk youth, and struggling male head of households.

NC Budget & Tax Center

At the North Carolina Budget & Tax Center, we envision a state where every person can reach their full potential and achieve well-being through the support of trustworthy, anti-racist institutions and systems that we all participate in building. The NC Budget & Tax Center is a non-partisan organization that works to document fiscal and economic conditions in communities to support the work of people, organizations, and government to advance solutions to poverty and pursue racial equity.