Advocacy & Civic Engagement

Resources related to political advocacy and lobbying activities.

Advocacy for Every Nonprofit

Advocacy should be an important part of the work of every nonprofit, but many organizations fear it because they assume they don’t have the staff capacity, tools, or funding to advocate effectively. Spoiler alert: There is no “right” way for a nonprofit to advocate for its mission! This webinar will begin with a series of questions for nonprofits to assess ways their organizations can most effectively strengthen their programs and services by being stronger advocates.

Advocacy 101: What Nonprofits Can (and Can’t) Do in Election Years (and Every Day)

Nonprofits can – and should – be advocates for their missions and for the communities they serve. This webinar will explore what it means for a nonprofit to be an advocate and the differences between “advocacy,” “lobbying,” and “political activities.” We will begin by highlighting – and quickly debunking – the four most common reasons nonprofits think they can’t (or shouldn’t) be advocates.

Four Major Policy Issues for NC Nonprofits in 2019

David Heinen, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

When the N.C. General Assembly prepares to begin its 2019 session on January 30, legislators will almost certainly consider a wide range of policy proposals affecting the nonprofit sector. Here are the Center's predictions for four major state policy issues that will affect North Carolina's nonprofit setor this year.