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Analysis: PSLF Student Loan Forgiveness Should Not Be Taxable in North Carolina

The NC Department of Revenue (DOR) recently announced that student loan forgiveness is taxable income for the purposes of state income taxes. This means that borrowers will need to pay state income tax on the amount of their student loans that are forgiven. Legislative leaders have indicated that theydo not anticipate that the NC General Assembly will change this law.

2022 Candidate Questionnaire Responses by County Map

The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits invited every candidate running for statewide office in the 2022 elections to share their insights on questions of interest to nonprofits across the state. Our goal is to help voters – particularly people who work for, volunteer with, or are served by nonprofits – be better informed about candidates.

Here are the candidate responses and contact info for US Senate:

Strengthening contractual partnerships between state government and nonprofits

State agencies partner with nonprofits in many important ways, including through contractual relationships, to provide programs and services that benefit communities throughout the state. As with any type of partnership, the contractual relationships between state agencies and nonprofits are not always seamless. The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits has recently sought feedback from nonprofits about their challenges with state grants and contracts.

2022 Candidate Questionnaire Responses

The North Carolina Center for Nonprofits invited every candidate running for statewide office in the 2022 elections to share their insights on questions of interest to nonprofits across the state. Here are their responses.

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