K - Food, Agriculture & Nutrition

The Quiltmaker Café

The Quiltmaker Café will be a nonprofit, fast-casual restaurant, offering tasty, nutritious meals and free-will pricing to guests. Our mission is to provide community and healthy meals to all people, regardless of their ability to pay.
The Quiltmaker Café mission will be fulfilled by utilizing the seven main elements of the One World Everybody Eats model for the operation of the café.
1. Social enterprise
We believe trust is an essential part of building community. Organizations whose social goals outweigh profits build trust.
2. Pay what you can
There is no “suggested” pricing. Diners may donate what they can afford – in terms of money, produce, or time. Prosperous communities support and celebrate every member, regardless of
their means.
3. Guests choose their portions
They specify what they want and how much of each item. Choice is empowering and reduces food waste.
4. Everyone is welcome
We believe food has the power to bring people together. Sharing a meal builds healthy communities, and healthy communities make a better world.
5. Space for community
We believe in a community-led approach to food security. A strong community results in long-term success for the organization.
6. Opportunity to volunteer
We believe in offering a hand up rather than a handout. An engaged community with a
healthy respect for food and its preparation is important.
7. Excellent food
We believe everyone should have access to healthy and nutritious food. Strong local partnerships result in stronger communities.

Heritage Farm Foundation, Inc

Our mission is to save small farms. The Heritage Farm Foundation, Inc (HFF) works to preserve small farms along with the cultural and historic traditions of small farming through conservation, youth and novice education, community advocacy, launching the next generation of beginning farmers. HFF provides services which support organizations, the community, and individuals in forwarding the future of farming and employment in agriculture.

Common Heart Inc.

Vision: Create a small revolution of kindness in our community to eradicate food insecurity and eliminate generational poverty.

Mission: Foster individual and community engagement to feed hungry families and empower those in poverty, creating a sustainable community where all can thrive.

Kellys’ Community Kitchen

Kellys' Community Kitchen recognizes the stark contrast between the abundance of food that is enjoyed by some in our community and the struggle undertaken by others daily, to feed themselves and their families. Food waste occurs both at the community (restaurants, civic and private orgs, schools) and household levels.