K - Food, Agriculture & Nutrition

Milestones Culinary Institute, Inc.

Milestones offers culinary training and employment search opportunities after completion of session. Our specific mission is the betterment of our community by empowering our traditionally disadvantaged and disenfranchised citizens to acquire a skill set that allows them to secure gainful employment in the food service and hospitality industry.

Esteamed Coffee, Inc.

Esteamed Coffee will be a non-profit coffee shop and bakery in the Cary that employs people with various disabilities who would otherwise struggle to find meaningful employment. We will strive to connect people in a purposeful, intentional community that enriches the lives of our employees and patrons through their fellowship in a warm, welcoming environment.

Brunswick Family Assistance

Brunswick Family Assistance is dedicated to improving the lives of families and individuals in crisis in Brunswick County, who are willing to help themselves, by providing emergency assistance. BFA distributes food and provides financial assistance for essential needs like utilities, prescriptions, rent, etc. We provide these services by establishing constructive and collaborative partnerships and programs with government, community and faith-based organizations and through the work of dedicated volunteers and the generosity of donors.

Onslow County Farmers Market

The Onslow County Farmers’ Market, Inc. is formed to provide area farmers the opportunity to sell produce directly to the public and to provide the community with fresh, locally grown products at a good value. It also exists to educate the public about the importance of agriculture, proper nutrition and environmental stewardship and to foster the science and art of natural resource conservation by carrying out activities of conservation science, education and public affairs. Its powers are set forth in the articles herein described.