D - Animal Related

Bullies 2 the Rescue

Our mission is to first ensure the safety and well-being of all English Bulldogs that we take in and second to educate the public in the care of English Bulldogs. We rehabilitate and re-home English Bulldogs that are sick, neglected, abused, or injured. Moreover, we provide a safe alternative to shelters for owners that are faced with the already difficult decision of finding a new home for their English bulldog. B2TR rescued 36 English Bulldogs our first year and since forming have rescued more than 700 dogs. The rescue has approximately 35-45 dogs in foster care at any given time.

Brackett Town Farms

The purpose of BRACKETT TOWN FARMS is to educate children, teens, and adults with a focus on special needs individuals, about farm animals, their care, and the healing power of a connection with God's Creation and His animals. This opportunity will be provided by free, educational, hands-on tours for small groups and through weekend and summer volunteer work programs.