Executive Director

Community Counseling Center
Executive Director Position Description

Position Title: Executive Director
Hours: part-time (20 hours per week)
Minimum Salary: $34,000, salary range commensurate with experience


The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors and is responsible for implementing policy as set by the board. This position is responsible for the overall management and operation of the Community Counseling Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit providing psychotherapy and mental health services to New Hanover and surrounding counties in North Carolina.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Organizational Management: overseeing all personnel in an administrative (non-clinical) capacity; overseeing IT and facilities; maintaining official records and documents, and ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local laws.

Financial Management: overseeing the financial planning, operating budget, and accounting with assistance from the board Treasurer, CPA, and Office Manager.

External Relationships: cultivating and developing relationships with philanthropic groups, faith communities, individuals, and the public.

Board Relations: overseeing policy development and administration; board recruitment and development.

Strategic Planning: collaborating with staff and board to form, evaluate, and implement the center’s current and long-term goals and objectives.

Fundraising: collaborating with board and staff to encourage individual donations and ensure the success of fundraising events.

Grant Writing: overseeing the grant writing process that includes identifying opportunities, writing, and submitting proposals for grant funding.

Traits and Characteristics

The Executive Director should be a visionary and a strategic leader who can work effectively at the intersections of non-profit management, staff development, and client care.

Leadership: The Executive Director will be able to engage and convene others in a process of exploration and dialogue. They will be an open-minded, confident professional who enjoys exploring issues while also recognizing that the ownership of ideas is less important than the result of the collaborative effort. The Executive Director will be an enabler and facilitator who will have the strength of character and conviction to work with a strong, engaged staff and board who are dedicated to the mission of the Community Counseling Center.

Communication: Strong written and oral communication skills are critical to ensure that the Executive Director will be effective and persuasive in presenting the Community Counseling Center and its mission to its supporters and the public.

Management: Successful candidates will have strong organizational, administrative, and financial management skills. The Executive Director will be comfortable in a hands-on role and be willing to do the essential tasks required to meet the goals of the center.

Education and/or Experience

An undergraduate degree is required. An advanced degree is not required; however, the Executive Director must possess the above skills, knowledge and qualities which may result from formal education. At least three years of experience in business, non-profit operational and financial management, or related areas is strongly preferred.

Review of resumes will begin April 1, 2024. Please send a cover letter and resume to Amy Van de Motter at vandemottera@uncw.edu.

Community Counseling Center
Mission, Vision, Values Statement

Mission Statement: Promoting the mental and emotional wellbeing of our community

Vision Statement: Seeing the value in everyone, we empower our clients and our community with high-quality mental health care, regardless of financial barriers to therapy.

Values Statement:

Hope: We restore hope and promote healing in the lives of our clients and in our community.

Compassion: We provide an authentic, supportive connection between therapist and client, full of empathy and free of judgment.

Growth: We collaborate with each client, empowering them to reach their goals with dignity.

Integrity: We treat every person we encounter with respect and honesty, upholding the highest ethical standards.

Competence: Our therapists are highly trained, skilled, and licensed; always pushing themselves to grow in the field of mental health.

Organization Name: 
Community Counseling Center
Career Level: 
Salary range: 
34,000, range commensurate with experience
Job Type: 
Part Time
Southeastern NC
New Hanover County
Organization Type: 
How to Apply: 

Review of resumes will begin April 1, 2024. Please send a cover letter and resume to Amy Van de Motter at vandemottera@uncw.edu.