Businesses are essential partners with local nonprofits. They provide products and services, volunteers, financial support, and leadership. Likewise, nonprofits need good business partners to successfully achieve their missions.

The Center welcomes any business that wants to support us in serving North Carolina’s robust nonprofit sector. As a Business Sustainer, your annual contribution helps the Center provide nonprofits with affordable technical assistance, pro bono services, information, and training programs. Business contributions position the Center as a leader in state and federal public policies and issues affecting our state's nonprofits.

In return you receive recognition and complimentary benefits for your gift. Business Sustainer opportunities start at $250. To learn more, see: Connect Your Business with NC's Nonprofit Sector

To become a Business Sustainer, please contact Rob Maddrey, Director for Sustainability, 919-790-1555. 


Looking for more promotional possibilities? Consider our Marketing or Sponsorship opportunities to reach the state’s $42.5 billion nonprofit market.

We are grateful to our current Business Sustainers.