Businesses and Nonprofits: Insights and Perspectives

This session offers an opportunity for conference participants to hear insights from business leaders about trends and issues in supporting North Carolina’s nonprofit sector. Topics may include: opportunities and issues in supporting nonprofits during the pandemic; equity and inclusion; business and nonprofit opportunities and partnerships; sponsorship changes in these virtual times; the future of business support for nonprofits.

Recording length: 1 hour, 14 minutes

Speakers: Paul Burley, Director Community Relations Manager, Bank of AmericaAmy Strecker, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Duke Energy; Creighton Blackwell, Chief Culture and Impact Officer, Coastal Credit UnionCheryl Parquet, Director of Community Engagement and Marketing Activation, BlueCross Blue Shield of North Carolina

Key Topics: businesses, COVID-19, pandemic, support, financial support, fundraising, equity and inclusion, partnerships, sponsorships, virtual fundraising

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