Rones Chapel Area Community Center

Rones Chapel Area Community Center's (RCACC) mission is to improve opportunity and quality of life in the area through education and wellness initiatives, and to consciously include tolerance and respect for diversity while we're doing it.

RCACC's vision is to provide healthy body/mind/spirit education and activities across a multi-generational spectrum with emphasis on inclusiveness of the diversity of the population of the area. With education as the primary tool, RCACC offers programs to meet the needs and interests of the larger area to improve residents' educational success and access to post-high-school education, and to improve theif health and whole person wellness. RCACC encourages development of community across the diversity of the area by sponsorship of cultural exchange and education, and by its preservation of the history of the community.

Unlike the typical general walk-in facility community center, RCACC's operations center on specific programs and events. Our offerings are free so that they are accessible to all. Our guidelines are to focus on documented needs by developing programs where indicated while avoiding duplication of programs and resources already available locally. We offer opportunities for internships and volunteers. We support and partner with other organizations providing public and charitable benefit. And RCACC is an information dissemination point for county, state, and non-profit resources.

In our programs we not only comply with an extensive non-discrimination policy, but also actively work to introduce understanding, tolerance, and welcoming acceptance of diversity. In support of this, we are developing a program for middle and high school students that teaches skills for conflict resolution, critical thinking, and stress management.

RCACC has an established wellness program and a tutoring program for students K-12. In addition to needed expansions of these programs, other programs are in active development. Planned for near-term implementation are an education and mentoring program focused on agriculture and agribusiness for middle-school students, free ACT/SAT Prep resources for high school students, and wellness camp and year-round events for children at risk of chronic diseases.

RCACC provides wellness and educational opportunities by sponsoring lectures, classes, courses, services, and other experiences to enhance general knowledge and further mind, body, and/or spiritual health and wellness. Because social interaction is a known and important component in physical as well as mental and spiritual health, the center may sponsor and/or provide meeting space for a variety of groups (for example: Boy Scouts, support groups, hobby/craft groups, civic, etc.).

Our touchstones are knowledge, opportunity, and respect.

Duplin County