HIS Daughters' Legacy, Inc.

It is the Mission of HIS Daughter's Legacy, Incorporated (HDL, INC) to inspire, empower, and educate young girls to fulfill the plan GOD has for their lives by making positive life choices that will lead to becoming young woman who are purposed and positioned to leave a legacy to the next generation of Daughters.

HDL, Inc. is a girls mentoring program dedicated to providing young girls ages 7 - 17 with the tools they need to become the young women God intended them to be.

Striving to help young girls stay on the course God has for their lives, HDL, Inc. offers programs that will build self-esteem and develop values and skills needed during this critical period of growth.

We believe media and culture continues to have great influence over our young girls. HDL, Inc. uses a variety of activities, projects, media, arts and more to help young girls find their true value and develop self-respect. Girls will also be provided opportunities to give back to their local communities through volunteerism.

HDL, Inc. will offer programs designed to meet the needs of every participant. The programs will also allow the volunteers an opportunity to build relationships with the girls that will positively influence their lives.

HIS Daughters Legacy, Inc. envisions generations of young girls growing to become women of Character and Integrity, poised with purpose and humility, who are role models and leaders in their local and global communities.

Johnston County