FOODiversity's mission: To lessen the burden of food insecurity for individuals with food allergy, celiac disease and other diet-treated diseases.

At the core of FOODiversity’s mission is providing a consistent and reliable supply of safe food, to increase positive health outcomes and to lower healthcare costs.

FOODiversity connects regional organizations with nationally-available programs. Food pantries, healthcare organizations, school systems, backpack meal programs, and other potential emergency food providers benefit from a wide variety of national food allergy and celiac advocacy and support organizations, all high-quality, well-researched, and medical advisory board-approved resources.

To further accomplish its mission, FOODiversity also provides guidance, education, and financial support to these regional non-profit organizations.

The ultimate beneficiaries of FOODiversity are the local nonprofits’ clients, especially those clients who manage food allergies or celiac disease.

Iredell County