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Mountain To Mountain Inc.

Mountain to Mountain exists to foster a spirit of community, collaboration, and learning between the people of the island of Dominica, and those of Asheville, NC and all the Carolinas.

Our vision is of one virtual community that supports the efforts of its members to learn and grow in areas related to sustainable methods of living. A braintrust of talented builders, educators, artists, entrepreneurs and others, exploring synergies, sharing knowledge, best practices and skills with those within the Mountain communities of Dominica & WNC.

Myles of Great Hopes

The mission of the Myles of Great Hopes Organization is to Revive, Empower and Sustain Hope through bridging the gap for the disadvantaged schools, churches, and charitable organizations in Kenya and Africa through distribution of learning materials both traditional and technological, water and other basic human needs.

LIFE for Orphans, Inc.

Our mission is to build a global lighthouse of support and assistance for the 18+ yr old orphan, who is forced to leave their orphanages without preparation, sufficient education & life skills training to live independently. It’s what I’ve been doing for 20 years in the Eastern European country of Latvia, and now, taking it to a new level.
There is a wasteland that claims these kids for suffering and marginal living at best.
*Connecting a solution of humanity to the needs of an at-risk-people group is what this is all about.


The specific purpose of this corporation is to empower and motivate citizens of Saclepea-Mah Chiefdom, at home and abroad, to help them realize their visions, dreams, and aspirations in life, and to accomplish their desire for integrated sustainable development.