Foundation Fair


After much consideration and conversations with event partners and contacts in Wilmington, we have decided to cancel the Foundation Fair scheduled for October 16. After the devastating impacts of Hurricane Florence, much of the region is still very much in disaster recovery mode. We hope to reschedule for a time when it will benefit - not burden - the nonprofit organizations in eastern North Carolina. At that time, current registrants will be invited to sign up first before re-opening registration to additional participants. Please remember to cancel any hotel reservations you may have made.



Each fall, foundations and nonprofits throughout the state gather for a "career-fair" style event for foundations and nonprofits to have quick interactions learning more about each other's funding needs and interests. Participating nonprofits and foundations have both found it useful to learn more about each other. See the list of participating foundations.

Preparing for the Foundation Fair

This Foundation Fair Webinar from North Carolina Network of Grantmakers' Program Director, Sarah Mann Willcox, and North Carolina Center for Nonprofits' Director of Sustainability, Rob Maddrey, introduces the Foundation Fair and provides tips on how to make the most of your time at the event.

One week before the event, you will receive an information packet by email that includes final details for the Foundation Fair and one-pagers on each participating foundation. We encourage you to read through these one-pagers to get a better sense of what foundations' missions and funding interests align with your organization and recognize in advance who will be a good fit for you to talk to at the Foundation Fair, and you can plan your time accordingly. You may bring your own copy of the information packet – we will not have printed copies for attendees.

A Look Into a Typical Session

You may arrive any time during the 1 hour and 45 minute session you registered for and all nonprofit attendees are welcome to come and go throughout the session. Upon arrival, check in at the registration table and pick up your nametag. After check-in, you are free to meet with as many foundation staff members as you'd like but please note there are often lines to meet with the foundations and you will have only brief interactions with each.

What to Bring

  • A pen and a small notebook to take notes on your conversations
  • Business cards
  • One-pagers on your organization to give to funders
  • A copy of your Foundation Fair information packet for reference
  • Water/water bottle (refreshments and snacks will not be provided).