Concierge Fundraising: 5 Winning Tactics to Raise More Money by Doing the Unexpected

In private, what do your donors think of you? If they could give you a “donor relationship” Yelp-like score, how would you fare?

Why care? Because more than 70 percent of donors never make a second gift, and more than 90 percent of donors never make a fifth-year gift. Donor retention is rooted in donor relations, and that starts with you.

This fast-moving, high-energy webinar will help you rethink first impressions and help you make lasting impressions. You’ll learn how to reshape your personal brand into one of “Donor Concierge” that will increase your likability and “memorability,” help you raise more money, and create greater donor loyalty. You’ll also learn giving triggers that turn donors on and off, surefire engagement tactics that boost retention rates, and non-traditional tactics for finding, cultivating, and thanking donors that will make an indelible impression.

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Event Date(s): 
Thursday, February 13, 2020, 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Tom Iselin, Consultant and Social Entrepreneur
Anywhere, NC 00000
United States