Building Equity into Your Employee Health Plan Design: How to Take Action in 2021

Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) have become major workplace priorities, especially for nonprofits. A key step in building equity is to revisit your employer-sponsored health benefit plan.

Traditional insurance plans have premiums, deductibles, copays and coinsurance that frequently create barriers to care and use of services. Replacing these barriers with a more equitable plan can improve the health and well-being of your workforce and your organization. In this one-hour executive conversation with experts from Nonprofit HR and Nonstop Administration & Insurance Services, Inc. you’ll explore how and why to use your health plan to advance DEI, inclulding:

  • Why health equity is foundational for correcting and eliminating workforce inequities 
  • Deliberate steps leaders can take to address health inequity within their organization
  • How to redesign your health plan with first-dollar coverage to reduce costs and improve employee benefits
  • Immediate recommendations for taking action in four key health benefits areas: coverage, education, planning and partnership

Paricipants are eligible for 1 CAE credit hour.

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Event Date(s): 
Thursday, April 8, 2021, 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Derreck Smith, Nonstop Wellness; Eric Salyers, Nonprofit HR; Antonio Cortes, Nonprofit HR
Anywhere, NC 00000
United States