Nonprofit Marketplace FAQ

Answers to common questions asked by Exhibitors. 

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About the Event

How many people attend your conference? Around 400 to 600 nonprofit professionals attend the Center's conference each year.


What are high foot traffic times for Exhibitors? At the 2019 Winston-Salem venue, attendees must walk through the Marketplace to get to registration for check-in as well as to attend sessions. Additional times include: the Wednesday Kick-Off Reception, the Thursday Networking Break, and the Thursday Refreshment Break.


Registering for the Event

What is included in the exhibit booth package? All 8'x8' booth spaces come with a six-foot skirted table, two chairs, and plain text signage featuring your company name. All Exhibitor packages include registrations for two booth personnel who receive admission to conference sessions, the Wednesday Kick-Off Reception, and the Thursday Luncheon.


Are Exhibitor discounts available? Discounts on conference exhibiting and advertising are available to current Members, sponsors, as well as to current Sustainers and Associates. Please check with Lynn Brinkley, Sustainability Assistant, if you are unsure whether you qualify for a discount.


May I register more than two of my staff for our booth? Exhibitor packages include registration, materials, and Thursday lunch for two individuals. Any additional staff may register at the regular attendee rates.


What is the "tradestyle name" for my booth sign? If your organization prefers to go by a trade name different from its registered legal name, you can request your booth sign to feature that informal name. For example, you may wish to omit the "LLC" on your booth’s sign. Please note that only plain text, all caps, black and white lettering is available for booth signs.


How can I get the booth I want on the Nonprofit Marketplace map? Booth placement in the Nonprofit Marketplace is at the discretion of the Center. Placement is primarily "first-come, first-served" and secondarily based on consideration for evenly spreading vendors offering similar services a reasonable distance apart. The earlier you submit your application and payment, the more likely you will be assigned the booth requested on your form.


May I purchase advertising separately from Exhibitor packages? Yes, print program and digital screen ads are available à la carte. Please see our Conference advertising page for details.


Are there other ways to promote myself to attendees? Exhibitors may choose to enhance their presence at the event with a booth package that includes a discounted print ad in the conference program, and/or a discounted Business Finder listing for visibility beyond the Conference for twelve months on the Center's website.


When can I create the Business Finder listing included in my Exhibitor package? As soon as your Exhibitor payment has been processed (typically less than two to three business days), you will receive instructions containing the coupon code for the webstore. Once you have saved your Business Finder listing, it will be publicly viewable on the Center's website for twelve months, starting from the date you create it.


Preparing for the Event

How do I ship materials to be available on-site at the event? Any materials that need to be shipped so they can be present at the venue upon your arrival MUST be shipped to Hollins Exposition Services’ warehouse, and done so as to be received by the deadlines outlined in the packet emailed to you. Premade shipping labels are included in Hollins' packet. The conference venue does not accept freight nor store it.


How do I buy electricity for my special booth display/backdrop? Access to on-site electricity for your booth display is provided by the venue for a fee paid to the convention center. To order electricity, you must complete the venue's order form and return it to the contact at the hotel by the deadline indicated on the form. The form will be emailed to you by the Center. Notably, for charging your personal devices, you may use the charging stations provided to attendees by our sponsor, Duke Energy.


Exhibiting at the Event

May Exhibitors attend conference sessions? Yes, of course! Attending sessions is great for professional development and a good networking opportunity. Please be respectful of sessions that require advanced sign-up, which are solely for nonprofit professionals who have reserved a seat.


Will you announce my giveaway to attendees? Hosting a giveaway is a great way to attract attendees to your booth. It is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to announce the recipient of giveaways or other competition winners. The Center does not facilitate the announcement or distribution of prizes to winners.


Nonprofit Marketplace Policies

May I have a list of attendees and their contact information? Attendees' contact information is not included in your Exhibitor package. However, you can download a list of attendees' names, titles, websites, organizations at ("See Who's Coming").


Are there presenting/speaking opportunities available? The Center typically sends out a request for proposals (RFP) in the spring. Speakers are selected by the conference committee. If you would like to be placed on the list for receiving the RFP email for this year or future conferences, please contact us for consideration.