Change Often - Social Innovation Firm

We at Change Often strive to develop solutions for complex (often systemic) social problems through collaboration. As Forbes mentioned above, private, nonprofit, and government initiatives all approach solutions in different ways. We specialize in identifying precisely where and how each stakeholder can bring their best contributions to the table. Ultimately, we construct and carry out purpose-driven strategies and initiatives that create change.

It's a fantastic niche to live in, and our Change Agents are able bring their full selves to the office. All of our projects are collaborative - all of our Impact Partners have access to the entire team - because each consultant's unique perspective can help us find that vital point of leverage.

Our Impact Partners want to solve problems that affect people they love. We find solutions that make our whole community stronger.

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Cyril Jefferson
(336) 287-8725
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Minority Owned
Guilford County
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Central-Eastern NC
Charlotte Area NC
Northeast NC
Northwest NC
South Piedmont NC
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Southwestern NC
Triad Area NC
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