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Reentry Housing Alliance

The mission of the Reentry Housing Alliance is to connect people with criminal records to safe and affordable housing, and to advocate for housing policy change that benefits people with records by informing and educating property owners, government officials and the public of reentry obstacles.

Knighture Foundation

The Knighture Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit that provides coaching and mentoring to help people figure out how to get started with a technology career. Not all areas of technology are the same. There's Information Technology (IT), Information Services (IS), Programming, Security, Networking, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and Mobile apps; but where do you start?

N.O.D Nation of Diversity corp

Our mission is to help reduce homelessness and raise awareness for mental health through service to the community and hosting wellness events. We believe in breaking down stigmas that demonize the homeless and work to promote mindfulness through music and the arts. We work daily to change the stigma associated with homelessness, poverty, and mental health by working across boundaries and leveraging resources to enrich the lives of those living in underserved and marginalized communities.

Yesod Farm+Kitchen

Yesod Farm+Kitchen seeks collective liberation with the land through Jewish agriculture, mutual aid, and growing relationships across difference. We steward 16 acres of Tsalaguwetiyi (Cherokee) and Catawba homelands, 25 minutes from Asheville, NC. We embody Jewish ancestral wisdom by offering this land as a resource for collective nourishment and safety for those most impacted by systems of harm, namely BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ folks, and justice seekers.