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Oak City Athletics

Oak City Athletics was organized by a group of friends in 2021 to promote a friendly, recreationally competitive environment for our LGBTQIA+ family and allies in the Raleigh metro area to participate in organized sports. We created this organization as a special place at the intersection of diversity and community service (we're a tax exempt organization with a charitable giving mission to other vetted Wake County tax exempt organizations), all the while promoting good sportspersonship among people of all sexual orientations.

Carolina Public Press, Inc.

Carolina Public Press is an independent nonprofit news organization dedicated to nonpartisan, in-depth and investigative news built upon the facts and context North Carolinians need to know. Our award-winning, breakthrough journalism dismantles barriers and shines a light on the critical overlooked and under-reported issues facing our state’s 10.2 million residents.

North Carolina Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association

NENA: The 911 Association improves 911 through research, standards development, training, education, outreach, and advocacy. We work every day on a single, yet vital, mission: providing an effective and accessible 911 service for North Carolina. In short, we are a membership dedicated to making 911 and emergency communications work better, and measure our success in the lives that are saved by 911 each day.

The objects of the North Carolina Chapter of NENA shall be to:

The Delsa

Company mission statement
…No one should be alone.

Company philosophy and vision
The philosophy and values encompassed by The Delsa are found in the acronym of the same:
Dedicated to hope, Eternally grateful, Love for all, Sharing with joy, Attuned to the environment.

Our vision is to support, encourage, and educate with successful methods to provide sustenance, shelter and companionship to all.