Member Accounts on the Center's Website

One Membership - Many Accounts

We've heard from Members who believe their membership enables them to set up only one website account. This causes the burden of sharing login credentials and forwarding resources and newsletters to everyone who may benefit from them.

In fact, your membership allows everyone within your organization – staff members, board members, and key volunteers – to set up an account! In doing so, everyone can directly access, filter, and get the benefits specific to their roles, be in-the-know by directly receiving our newsletters, and engage in our feedback surveys.

Accounts are Super Easy - Take These Steps Today!

Forward these steps to your staff, board, and key volunteers to encourage them to take a quick 30 seconds today to set up an account to access Member benefits and receive our newsletters and surveys.

If the contact does not have a user account, they can create one:

If the person suspects they might have an existing user account, they can see if their password is still valid:

  • Go to Request a New Password and enter the username/email address
  • If the site recognizes the information, they'll receive email instructions with a link to reset their password
  • If the site does not recognize their information or they haven't yet created an account, they can follow the steps to Create a New Account. They'll be able to log into the website immediately and the organization's profile editor will receive an email to approve their affiliation.



Further, detailed instructions about website accounts can be found on our FAQs page.