The Accidental Designer: The Elements of Design

We all intuitively know that websites or promotions that are balanced, colorful, and visually interesting get more attention. But if you work at a small nonprofit, you may not have much money to spend on a graphic designer. Fortunately, anyone can learn graphic design. Whether you’re already creating visuals for your nonprofit’s communications or are interested in taking it on and know little about it, gain the knowledge and skills you need to wow your followers with interesting and attractive designs.

Begin by delving into the ideas behind good design. This webinar will explore how designers use lines, shapes, form, and space as the basic tools for showing depth, movement, or other visual ideas. We’ll also spend time talking about the importance of color and how to use it to achieve the right effect. And we’ll lay out how typography can affect both what the viewer sees and feels within a design.

This is the first webinar in the 3-part series, The Accidental Designer: How to Design Images Like a Pro, focused on hardware infrastructure basics, managing software and security, and the human side of technology. Through the Center’s partnership with Idealware, Center Members can register for a discounted rate; get the discount code.

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Event Date(s): 
Thursday, December 5, 2019, 1:00pm to 2:30pm
$135 for 3-part series
Cary Walski, Copilot
Anywhere, NC 00000
United States