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Principles & Practices: Best Practices for North Carolina Nnoprofits
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To maintain the trust and respect of our communities, it’s important that nonprofits manage and govern themselves by clearly defined and transparent principles and practices.

Worker's Compensation: Good for Nonprofit Employees and Employers

By Kevin Bunn

Workers’ compensation in North Carolina provides medical treatment and wage replacement payments for employees who become injured in an on-the-job accident or develop a job-related disease or disorder. The goal of the workers’ compensation system is to return injured employees back to work as quickly as possible. It’s an important program, especially for small nonprofits. Here are five important reasons why nonprofit organizations need workers’ comp in North Carolina:

Update on Key 2016 Benefits Compliance Issues for Nonprofits

As the smoke clears from the primary changes of the Affordable Care Act, this webinar recording provides a look at key benefits compliance issues relevant to nonprofit employers of all sizes and covers key topics for 2016 and beyond, including: 

  1. A review of basic eligibility rules for the ACA’s Play-or-Pay and eligibility provisions (including how to confirm a small group exemption); 
  2. An update on FMLA eligibility and compliance; 
  3. An update on compliance with HIPAA privacy and security rules; and 
  4. A discussion of other hot topics.