Volunteer Management


Over 6000 people who are homeless and impoverished receive services from UMD each year. Each day, 300-400 people who have a diverse level of complex needs come to UMD seeking assistance. As a result, the UMD campus is a very busy place where stress and trauma must be managed daily, yet where compassion and support for one another is found in abundance. In addition to residents served, there are over 6,000 volunteers, donors and staff members from partnering agencies who also come to UMD to participate in the life of the agency.

Volunteer and Food Drive Coordinator

Reporting to the Chief Development Officer, the Volunteer and Food Drive Coordinator oversees the development and operations of the Loaves & Fishes Volunteer and Food Drive programs. Working in conjunction with all departments, the Coordinator is responsible for volunteer recruitment, retention, supervision, and recognition of volunteers to meet identified operational and program needs. This position will also mobilize and schedule resources to facilitate food drive events, developing relationships with businesses, faith-based organizations, schools and other entities.