Strategic Planning

A Vision for Our Future

Jeanne Tedrow, President & CEO, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

If your vision is for a year plant wheat, if your vision is for a decade plant trees, if your vision is for a lifetime plant people. –African Proverb

Creating a vision statement guides us into the future. It helps us reflect on where we have been as we consider the path forward. The Center has been on a multi-year journey to strengthen our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, and we’re sharing our journey as we travel this road.

How Strategic Planning Affects the Success of Your Nonprofit

David Hutchinson, President, Cause Leadership

Strategic plans identify actions that enable you to achieve your organization's goals and mission. These plans often pinpoint high-priority directions and goals. Then, they determine the steps needed for meeting these goals and indicators used to measure success and are usually established for three to five years.

In this article, we assess how a strategic plan: