NC Election Law Changes

In August 2013, the N.C. General Assembly passed H.B. 589, the Voter Information Verification Act (VIVA), which makes several significant changes to North Carolina’s election laws. In June 2015, the General Assembly passed a number of other election law changes, some aimed at revising VIVA provisions. Because nonprofits are among the most trusted institutions in their communities, it is important that they provide accurate, nonpartisan information to their staff, volunteers, and those they serve about the election process.

Gary Dunn candidate positions

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If you answers are not put out before the May 8th Primary then they are pointless as after that the election is a mute point. I would like to answer your question in length as this is an important issue for me as I founded a Non-profit corp and sit on the advisory board for several. But time is very limited, you can call me 704 780 0401 to elaborate or better yet let me know what you think A lot of my position papers are briefed on my web page. Answers to your questions as follows: