Spark Point Fundraising

Spark Point Fundraising is a boutique grant writing and strategy firm that will help your organization navigate the tricky waters of foundation funding, give you a competitive advantage with spectacular grant proposals, and help you figure out where to focus your limited fundraising energy. You can learn more about the results we achieve for clients at

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Third Sector Consulting

At Third Sector Consulting, the mission is simple: To help nonprofits find more funders, win more grants and raise more money. We achieve this mission by helping nonprofits on their journey to connect with donors and foundations - and raise money in the process.

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Funding Rural America: Finding New Grants for Small Communities

When has it ever been easy to secure funding for rural communities? Is there a way to level the playing field so rural nonprofits as well as small towns and counties/boroughs can compete for both government and private sector grants? What are the other options for financially supporting a rural project whether you are a nonprofit or local government? Are collaborative efforts worth the effort? And, of course the biggest question: Who is funding rural America? During this webinar, Cynthia Adams, CEO of GrantStation, answers these and other questions as well as current trends.


Building a Grants Strategy

In this webinar, presenter Cindy Adams will take you through the process of establishing a grants calendar for the next 12 to 18 months. Filled with action steps, you'll learn how to design and adopt a Grant Decision Matrix before beginning the process of building a specific grants strategy for each project. 


Webinar Recording: $25

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