Unemployment Laws and Nonprofits

Unemployment insurance is an important part of the social safety net that helps workers who have been laid off or terminated without cause to transition into new jobs by providing them with limited, temporary financial assistance. The Division of Employment Security at the NC Department of Commerce manages North Carolina’s unemployment system.

Here is some basic information about how the state’s unemployment system affects nonprofits.

HB4 memo

On February 19, 2013, House Bill 4 was signed into law. This bill, which will take effect on June 30, 2013, made significant changes to the North Carolina Employment Security Law. This memo explains the changes that will affect employers, governmental organizations, and nonprofits.


Legislation Could Jeopardize Future NC Rulemaking

Last week, the N.C. Senate approved the conference report of an administrative procedures bill (H.B. 162) that would prohibit state agencies and commissions from adopting regulations with an economic impact of more than $100 million over a five-year period and would require a supermajority of the rulemaking commission for  agencies and commissions to adopt regulations with an economic impact of $10 million or more over a five-year period.