Seven Questions to Answer Before You Make Your Ask

While written to help nonprofit leaders think strategically about public policy advocacy, these seven steps are useful to follow when developing fundraising asks, internal programmatic or organizational policy proposals, or other kinds of requests.


What outcome do you want? Are there short-term steps that will help you reach that ultimate goal?

Stating your mission may help to introduce your organization to your audience, but it helps your audience if you offer a specific step they can take right now.


Highlights (and Fabricated Statistics) from the 2017 Nonprofit Town Hall Series

David Heinen, Vice President for Public Policy and Advocacy, North Carolina Center for Nonprofits

Earlier this year, the Center organized a series of Nonprofit Town Hall meetings around the state. These meetings – in Fayetteville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Jacksonville, Research Triangle Park, and Asheville – gave nonprofits an opportunity to connect with elected officials, learn about nonprofit sector trends and policy issues, and share their concerns about how the current political climate may affect their organizations.