Walter Dalton candidate position

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What has been your personal experience with nonprofits as a board member, employee, volunteer, or donor?  How do those experiences shape your policy positions and what you would like to accomplish as Governor?  (Limit: 300 words)   

Working with non‐profits has been an integral part of my career. I have served as chairman of the Isothermal  Community College Foundation board, and I have served on the boards of several non‐profits, including the N.C.  Center for Public Policy Research, Community Foundation of Rutherford, McClure Educational Foundation, and  my local Red Cross chapter. I was a Cub Scout leader, am a lay speaker in the United Methodist Church, and  serve as statewide spokesperson for the N.C. Partnership for Children.    

As Lieutenant Governor, I have regularly contributed to the State Employees Combined Campaign, supporting  the United Way and hospice in my home county, Rutherford. I also strongly encourage my employees to  support charities through the Combined Campaign. In fact, my office has received two awards for increasing  Combined Campaign participation amid the economic crisis.    

How would you and your administration work with nonprofits on policy and budget issues to achieve your  goals as Governor? (Limit: 200 words)    

Since I began serving in...