Re-Igniting Your Nonprofit Operations & Fundraising Appeal

COVID-19 has upended all of our carefully constructed strategies and plans for 2020. As nonprofit leaders, the critical and unprecedented task before us is to ensure that we are continuing to fulfill our missions by:

  • Re-assessing who we are as an organization;
  • Re-affirming or re-defining our core services;
  • Re-outlining our service delivery methods;
  • Re-aligning our budgets accordingly; and
  • Re-creating our fundraising appeal to align with these necessary and evolving shifts.

In this webinar, you’ll explore the critical elements of our organizations and how you can actively pivot ‘what we do and how we do it’ to be aligned with these uncharted needs and time – and keep doing so with the agility and flexibility required. You’ll also look at how to align your fundraising appeal, with accompanying tools and templates to get us started.

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