Pandemic Recovery and Public-Private Partnerships

With program demands and financial stresses on nonprofits likely to increase in 2021, how can public and private partnerships work better together to support fragile nonprofit operations and disrupted service delivery systems caused by COVID-19?  How can they complement and leverage each other’s resources to strengthen nonprofits’ capacity to continue to deliver vital services? This workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges of these partnerships to support the nonprofit sector in the new world order.

Recording length: 1 hour, 13 minutes

Speakers: Jeanne Tedrow, President and CEO, North Carolina Center for NonprofitsKellan Moore, President and Chief Equity Officer, John Rex EndowmentJenni Owen, Director of Strategic Partnerships, N.C. Office of State Budget and ManagementMaggie Kane, Founder and Executive Director, A Place at the TableDeborah Goddard, Public Health Social Work Supervisor, Care Management for Children/Families

Key Topics: public-private partnership, collaboration, operations, resource management, capacity building

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